TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

Weiner, Filner: Politicians fighting for support

This has been a week of apologies for two embattled politicians on opposite coasts, from San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is accused of sexual harassment, and Anthony Weiner, whose sexting scandal is taking a toll in the polls. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> now to the sex scandal , two of them that are rocking both coasts from san diego 's mayor's admission that he needs help to anthony weiner 's refusal to drop out of the mayoral race. good morning.

>> good morning, lester. they are caught up in their own scandals and allegations. they both apologized publicly, the accusations are not going away. two em battled politicians on two different coasts. in san diego , appearing contrite and apologetic for what he called inexcusable conduct, bob filner says he'll spend two weeks under going therapy.

>> i must take responsibility of my conduct taking action so such conduct does not happen again.

>> reporter: the mayor accused of former female employees including a retired admiral. two weeks ago, he said he was innocent. a committee is urging him to quit. so far, filner is refusing to resign. meanwhile in new york, mayoral candidate, anthony weiner toured areas hit by superstorm sandy on friday trying to stay on message and stay in the race amid his latest sexting scandal.

>> it's difficult to get my message out here. i'm going to keep trying.

>> reporter: difficult when the media and voters are questioning his action.

>> had icon ducted myself in the manner you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. in the privacy of my home.

>> reporter: he's been in free fall since the fall out of a sexting scandal after he resigned in 2011 for the same behavior. he was leading the race in june. the front-runner has fallen behind despite the support of his wife, huma.

>> he may not be able to recover.

>> reporter: several women's groups are demanding he drop out. lawmakers including house lawmaker, nancy pelosi are calling for both men to step aside.

>> the conduct is rep henceable. it's so disrespectful of women. what's really stunning about it is they don't realize it.

>> there is just over a month left in a primary race for mayor here in new york. anthony weiner is vowing to stay in the race. lester?