TODAY   |  March 30, 2015

Insider tips for channeling your inner star

Celebrities don’t wake up looking red-carpet ready. They have stylists and makeup artist with plenty of tricks up their sleeves, and some were willing to let us in on the secret. NBC’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>> them with wonder as they stroll the red carpet and admire their beauty across the pages of glossy magazines. sure, every star has his or her secret weapon . some secrets are meant to be shared. so to spill the beauty beans, a team of experts.

>> reporter: consider them your personal glam squad. if there's any man who knows secrets, it's you.

>> i know a lot of secrets. they are beautiful girls but they have tricks of the trade that make them look spectacular.

>> what are they?

>> we have the hair. the eyebrow. the make up. all put together equals movie star .

>>> just like that, he sent me around town in per suit of secrets. first stop, aka the brow whisperer.

>> it's a feature you can change without injectables and plastic surgery. it sets the stars apart from the rest of the population.

>> don't overpluck. the arch should be where the brow bone goes up.

>> the ingredients are retinol. huge ingredient. ferulic acid . alpha and beta acid. they sound big. they sound scientific, but they are on labels. the secret, find them, use them and stay on it.

>> more coveted than botox is this tidbit.

>> marco, the biggest secret of the stars when it comes to hair is hairpieces.

>> i think i need hairpieces. recognize this look? here is how you get it. buy a doughnut at the drugstore, the rest is easy. make a pony, pull through. simple, sassy and red carpet ready. want bangs, but don't want to commit? clip them on and off. to channel beyonce or kim k., snap hair in. the best part, you don't need a hollywood budget for the look. there's an array of extensions on the market. when it comes to make up, ladies listen up. contour sg a word you need to know . here is a tutorial. find a concealer two shades lighter than your skin. dot it like this. now with a color three shades darker, draw a line like these. blend, bronze and watch your face transform. now that you are in the know, go for it. give yourself the star treatment you deserve. after all, this role was made for you.

>> great tips. we saw you putting on false eyelashes.

>> this is my go to. i don't like it but i like tan legs.

>> my tan is all fake. with the eyelashes, you can get them at the drugstore for $3 or d extensions that last three months. they last longer. these are great tips and tricks i learned.

>> we picked someone out of the crowd, maria lopez from north carolina . she's here celebrating her 31st anniversary. that is her before picture. now we get the big reveal. come on out glamour girl . gorgeous.

>> doesn't she look so good? this is what we did. it was really, really quick and easy. we did with the make up, basic contouring and the hair. this is what i want to focus on. we put these hair extensions that cost $30 from the drugstore. we lifted her hair up, we have four pieces in her hair. not only do the ladies of nbc endulg in but every star you see.

>> they give you extra lift and volume.

>> she looked gorgeous before. it's just a little extra ump to step it up a notch or two.

>> how do you feel?

>> great.

>> where are you going to dinner?

>> i don't know.

>> where are you being taken to dinner tonight?

>> i need to ask my husband.

>> somewhere good. you look great. do you think you would use any of these things at home?

>> definitely. i love it.

>> she can take the extensions with her, right?

>> it's our anniversary gift to you. i said how do you feel? she said important.

>> i love that. you look gorgeous. thanks for being with us today. thanks for being willing to be a part of this, you look great.