TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Getting to know ‘Talent’ contestants

NBC’s Ben Aaron heads to the iconic Radio City Music Hall, where “America’s Got Talent” is currently taping its live shows, to chat with judges Howard Stern and Heidi Klum and get to know some of this year’s contestants.

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>>> city. the music hall right across the street.

>> a fun filled trip down the red carpet . first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> it is.

>>> " america 's got talent" has been live this week from radio city across the street from us.

>> ben aaron made his way on to the red carpet to check in with the judges and some contestants.

>> reporter: the red carpet is full of flashing lights as judges and contestants come to radio city for " america 's got talent." these women were excited. before we talk to the many contenders, i had to speak to the man i will look like in 20 years. howard stern . this is the first time since your bar mitzva you've worn a suit.

>> this stage, radio city , very important.

>> state your name and your talents.

>> collin. i'm a 16-year-old magician.

>> a.j. leblanc. television.

>> i'm here with the guys who used to beat me up in high school . who's the judge you're most nervous about performing in front of?

>> howard stern .

>> we're huge howard stern fans. we knew we wanted a rock band .

>> i can do one key in a rock sounding voice. ready?

>> let's do it. [ screaming ]

>> it was like a steven tyler pitch.

>> it was steven tyler . i'm just warning you. i'm not going to hear a word you say because heidi klum is right behind you. i'm focusing on her the entire time.

>> you know what's weird? i'm focussing on her looking this way.

>> you have any talents anybody doesn't know about. german accent . who's going to win tonight. [ speaking in foreign language ]

>> you heard it here first. why does he get to wear the dress and you don't?

>> self-explanatory. started with tattoos.

>> dude, i'm blond, man. i get the dress.

>> i don't even want to talk in this microphone right now. i just want to use your head.

>> in this space without moving your feet, what can you do? do you have any talents nobody knows about? secret talents?

>> yes. i've got hidden talents.

>> tell them now.

>> actual hiding.

>> nick, we've asked all the judges what their talents are. you have many. one of the best are tie knots.

>> you want a double windsor ?

>> is this a nick cannon tie?

>> it's a nick cannon tie.

>> here's a double windsor . it's a little short.

>> i want the tag on. give me a little dimple. you're a smooth criminal.

>> all right. that was ben aaron. moving on to the semifinals are collin's key, the magician and krista brothers. the guy in the dress. " america 's got talent" airs tuesday and wednesday at 9:00/8:00 central on nbc.