TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Sara sizzles, learns the basics of grilling

With barbecue season under way, Sara learns the ropes from grill-master Bobby Flay as they cook up the perfect summer burger at his home in the Hamptons.

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>> hi!

>> you actually came.

>> i did.

>> i can't bloelieve it.

>> i heard i'm getting a grilling lesson.

>> i had really needed that grilling lesson. i'd always been afraid of the grill . bobby, grill master, started with the basics.

>> you turn the nknobs to light.

>> press it in.

>> ooh!

>> want to make some burgers?

>> yes.

>> okay. pick up a burger. not like that. like, pick it up.

>> it feels funny.

>> when you throw a burger on the grill , what people do is they take the back of the spatula and press it down. but that's a bad thing. what's happening, you're squeezing out all that delicious juiciness inside. take your thumb. make a well in the middle of the burger.

>> like that?

>> yep. i'm going to season it with salt and pepper . put it on this side down. you're going to go like this.

>> it sizzled.

>> can you grab me a spatula real quick inside?

>> inside.

>> yep.

>> in some houses you look in medicine cabinets. when you're with bobby play you look in a refrigerator. a man after my own heart. we have a baseball bat . he couldn't mean this one. spatula, check. now i was feeling so confident that i was ready to make a burger just for bobby. can you put stuff in the burger patty? my sister always put onions and cheese in there.

>> that's meatloaf.

>> can you try it my way? let me separate it. this is how we do it in iowa.

>> bad idea. give it a flip.

>> give it a flip. woo!

>> you're almost there. don't do that.

>> i told you. i knew that.

>> that's what you don't want to do.

>> i didn't -- this is for mr. flay. but whoa! seriously be open about this. okay? i know you're going to prove your point that kryou don't like it.

>> i would never do that.

>> okay.

>> it's very good.

>> you didn't know what was coming. then you got cheese and onion.

>> no, i did. because you told me.

>> it wasn't just burgers with bobby but lobsters and sausages and buns, oh my. what else can you grill ?

>> you can definitely grill fruits. there are certain fruits that grill better than others. like stone fruits . nectarines.

>> stone fruits ?

>> yeah. with a stone pit in it.

>> pit fruits.

>> yeah. pit fruit. we're going to grill a mango. we're going to leave it in the skin. we're going to take some canola oil. just a little bit. we're going to put the mango, okay --

>> on the hot -- oh, meet.

>> flesh side down.

>> flesh side down.

>> exactly.

>> it's a little messy, but --

>> it's good mango.

>> it's amazing. by the time my lesson was over, i realized i could get used to this grilling thing.