TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

All aboard! Train stars talk sold-out shows, Hasselhoff

Train’s Pat Monahan and Jimmy Stafford give an inside look into their pop-star lives, from sold-out concerts to their fascination with mermaids to working with David Hasselhoff.

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>>> get on the train. grammy award winning band train is having a really busy summer with a tour and of course a performance right on our plaza.

>> the band's latest album is

called "california 37: mermaids of alcatraz tour edition." we've got two members of the group. pat monohan who you don't recognize and jimmy stafford .

>> jimmy fits the profile. what did you think of dean wearing that thing earlier?

>> i thought, dean, you're so handsome. how could anything make you not handsome, and it worked.

>> let's take that thing off.

>> there'll be a small piece of your chin off.

>> that's our segment. thank you.

>> we got to talk about -- first of all, speaking of dressing up, a lot of people come watch you guys. and they come decked out. some many mermaid costumes. that's like a big attraction. what -- tell us, explain that phenomenon.

>> well, our tour is calmed mermaids of alcatraz tour. at jones beach we had a sold out jones beach the other night. 15,000 people.

>> can we just look at that picture? that is astonishing.

>> that is so amazing. we were, like, so emotional about it. but lots of boys and girls dress as mermaids or pirates. a guy dressed up as an escaped convict from alcatraz last night. so it just gives everybody a chance to have fun. then the best costume. some of them get wheeled in in w wagons because they have tails and everything. they get a better seat, the front row seat.

>> what's it look liking out in the audience and seeing -- you guys got emotional. explain why that was so important, jones beach .

>> we've been coming to new york for so many years. and we've played jones beach many times as an opening act for other bands. always in the daylight with a half full place. and it was just so special to go back there on our own tour and play in the dark to a sold out show. it was amazing.

>> every athlete, every actor, they all want to be rock stars . a lot of rock stars want to be something else. i mean, you guys are it.

>> i'm good.

>> that's what i'm saying. i want to be you guys. that's the way it should be.

>> what's cool about this, too, we were just talking, your son who's 13 loves these guys.

>> loves them.

>> you look at your fan base and they range from, you know, young, 13, all the way up.

>> that's my favorite part about the band. you know, i love when moms say, oh, my daughter loves you or you just said my son's a fan. i love that. i think it's awesome. i'd love to see your son and him say, man, my dad's a fan. we get a lot of that. a family can come. i'm not interested in cursing to the cool kids or whatever. i just want to have fun with families. i think they're having a great time with us.

>> you guys have a video. it's called "50 ways to say good-bye." it's hysterical, by the way. what's he doing in there? what's that? what's he doing?

>> i don't know what he's doing. he did some stuff on the set, and we were like, what is he doing? that's why you have the hoff.

>> why did you pick him?

>> that's what you get. weird.

>> there's a point of time where you start laughing in the middle of it. he tells me he was probably doing something --

>> he's the funniest guy around. plus he comes with two suitcases. one of his clothes and one of don't hassell the hoff shirts. presigned.

>> we're going to play a game. try to guess the lyrics. a lot of people may know the lyrics. we may or not. we are ready for the first one. hey soul sita, hey there mister, mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair you know

>> it's a repeat. hey, soul sister, i don't want to miss a single thing you do

>> when? tonight

>> we love you guys. thank you guys for coming to