TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Superman’s penchant for skinny-dipping

Guest host and actor Dean Cain discusses body image with Hoda, responding to a Hilton Honors poll about letting loose on vacation as well as giving College Humor’s hysterical advice on balding a try. Cain also talks the pros and cons of two iconic superheroes joining forces on the big screen.

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>>> and hoda kotb . from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> oh, yes. it is tryday, friday. july 26th , 2013 . dean cain is wrapping up the week with us as kathie lee enjoys a week off. we're going to have some fun today i have a feeling.

>> i think so. let me tell you first off before anything starts, look at you in this dress.

>> really? i have to say i'm kind of uncomfortable. because i don't know -- i felt weird.

>> you look fantastic.

>> really?

>> hands down. no question.

>> oh, thanks. this is my favorite show ever.

>> the yellow flowers. it's a whole thing going on.

>> thank you. thank you so much. okay. anyway, so i'm all verklempt. there's some news and especially where you're concerned. superman and batman have always, you know, enjoyed separate entities, separate movies. but now there's talk of the two of them joining forces. and teaming up. i think it's even more than talk. there's actually confirmation of a sequel. you obviously played the role of superman. what do you think of these two merging?

>> look at that symbol. that's just weird. i think it's going to be fantastic for dc comics . in the way that the avengers did it for marvel. they got everybody together. it was fantastic. they have separate franchises now. it's nice to bring them together. it's going to be interesting. the superman is more angsty than the superman of the past. you have that batman guy who talks like this.

>> if you were superman who would you want to be your batman to be?

>> i go back to my buddy, clooney. bring george back here. we'd have a little fun.

>> that would be very cool. this film, by the way, is going to be released in the summer of 2015 . when people go off on vacation, a lot of people are during the summer around now, couples become a little bit more adventurous when they go off together. there was a survey. an online survey by hilton honors . they looked at the habits, i guess the sexual habits , of couples. they said that people are much more adventurous when they're on vacation.

>> i would buy into that.

>> you would?

>> sure. you're out there. you're at a different location. you're not at home. there's no kids there. there's no neighbors. maybe you go outside.

>> do you find that adventurous?

>> i may have been outside once.

>> yeah?

>> might have happened.

>> are you nervous someone's going to walk up and surprise you or --

>> surprise you in what way?

>> just walk up, you know.

>> not that kind of surprise.

>> there you are.

>> it's an interesting thing. i happen to have been in a very, very remote location at the time. that's not my favorite thing.

>> it's not? what about skinny dipping .

>> i think skinny dipping is a fantastic thing. i have a home in spain. people are always -- that's just swimming out there.

>> the nudity here is a much bigger thing.

>> huge deal here.

>> heidi klum has taken some pictures top less. her mom was taking the photograph. heidi klum , topless again. she said, look, this is just how we live.

>> i think she should continue to do that. heidi, i give you the okay to take more pictures.

>> you would skinny dip nude.

>> i would.

>> would you go to a nude beach ?

>> no. that's a little too far, i think. well, again, where i am in spain, everybody is kind of that.

>> everybody does it.

>> yeah. there's some people who might want to keep their clothes on. i'm just saying.

>> you know what, though? the people who are much more open, there's that confidence thing of --

>> confidence is a big deal .

>> i admire whenever i see a girl who is very proud of her body no matter what the size is. i feel like i wish i had a little of that. that's a rare thing.

>> it goes a long way. i'll just say that. i think it's a great thing. it is rare, unfortunately. but it's true. that kind of confidence is sexy.

>> what i think is sexy, too, especially on men. there are some men -- you have a great head of hair. hair is an important thing for a lot of women. there are guys who fight it. if there are losing hair they do the comeover. they have sprays. they have rogaine. they're trying to recapture --

>> youth.

>> well, college humor is a website or a website, yeah. they decide to have some fun with it. let's take a listen.

>> are you losing your hair? tired of covering up unsightly bald spots? well, we have the solution for you. shave your head and grow a goatee at shave your head and grow a goatee we uncourage our clients to shave what little hair they have and grow a goatee. draw attention away from their dying, emasculating hairline.

>> my hair wasn't the only thing vanish ing. my confidence went along with it. kids in my neighborhood called me chrome dome .

>> if you're losing your hair, try shave your head and grow a goatee. if you're not completely satisfied with your look in 30 days , what are you going to do? right.

>> okay.

>> i think it's a great idea. i like it. i've got a little captain jack thing going here right now.

>> you do have a little captain jack going. now, if you were losing your hair --

>> do not mock our crew. okay? if you were losing your hair, how do you think you'd look bald, by the way?

>> i'd cut my hair really short about 20 years ago. i have a humongous head.

>> look at our crew. it didn't look good?

>> my face explodes.

>> here we are before. there you are after.

>> that looks all right. a little howie mandel like.

>> you are cute there.

>> i'm going to rock this the entire show.

>> last time you were here we played something called the age game. because you're younger than you look. and we wanted to play -- continue to play the game . okay? let's play the game . we're going to see two celebrities. we're going to say who we think is older. they're about four to five years apart. here we go. who's older. is it ralph macchio or john cusack .

>> ralph macchio .

>> we're so smart. ralph is, by the way, 51.

>> that's just not fair. such a baby face .

>> let's look at our next one. courtney cox versus jennifer aniston .

>> this is a lose/lose proposition for me.

>> i'm going to go -- you're going courtney ?

>> go with courtney . i'll pick courtney .

>> courtney cox is 49. jennifer aniston is 44. they're five years different. i didn't know they were that --

>> i put them right together.

>> bruce willis versus hugh grant . my money is on hugh grant 's older.

>> i think bruce willis .

>> bruce willis is older. he is 58. hugh grant is 52.

>> both look fantastic. both look fantastic.

>> this is going to be a good one. cyndi lauper versus stevie nix .

>> stevie nix .

>> definitely. stevie nix is 65. cyndi lauper is 60. samuel l. jackson versus john travolta . who's older.

>> travolta.

>> i'm going with samuel l. jackson . samuel l. jackson , 64. john travolta , 59. our last two. william shatner versus robert redford . that's a great one. i've got to go with shatner. how could you not?

>> i'll go with redford just to balance it out.

>> william shatner . he's 82. wow!

>> good for him.

>> robert redford is 76.

>> my mom loves some robert redford .

>> she does? is that --

>> that's her thing, yeah.

>> it is time for a fun part of our program we like to call bob bobb bobbie's buzz.

>> i have some really interesting stuff this week. sort of comes from unusual places. now, at the hospital they do a lot of great things. and health care workers actually help people wash their hair without getting them wet. i thought, what a genius thing to have when you go camping. but this shower cap isn't about keeping your hair dry. this, believe it or not, is --

>> is there shampoo in there?

>> it's a rinse free shampoo. all you do is smoosh it on. there you can just take it off. he's really getting into this.

>> and it drys?

>> and your hair is clean. there's a fabric towelette inside that absorbs the oil and dirt and it's clean. this is great if you've got a kid that's --

>> kids in general. they hate to bathe.

>> i know. is that pricey?

>> a couple dollars.

>> jerry, you look hot.

>> now from the body building world. this is called bikini bite. if you've ever worried about a wardrobe malfunction which guys usually don't worry about, but those little bikinis, it's basically fabric glue for your skin. so that your bikini --

>> sticks to you.

>> -- stays on. you roll on bikini bite and bodybuilders use this when they're pumping so that everything stays in place. last but not least --

>> that's kind of my enemy, really. i'm not going to endorse that problem at all.

>> last but not least, i have to say, if you're a swimmer, love the water, always hit the water and your ears do that. don't put the q-tip in, everybody knows . these are called after swim. you stick this in. it absorbs four times its weight and gets water immediately.

>> that's a win. i like that.

>> ms. sara haines for baby of the week announcement.

>> it's time for our babies. our first up is a smiling baby born in arizona on june 16th . berkeley roy brimhall. parents greg and katie say their baby loves to be outside. their biggest advice to new parents, learn to sleep while sitting up. a baby born in sarasota, florida. ella stone daysh. this little one came into the world may 24th . her parents joey and taryn say she's named after her great grandmother. san francisco , little zoe chui born june 3rd . six pounds, 7 ounces. david and elaine say they are giving her hugs and kisses all day every day. finally, wyatt woodrow detwiler. this baby boy was born on june 2nd waying 9 pounds, 2 ounces. chloe and jason say little wyatt has a dimple on his right cheek just like his mommy. big congratulations to all the babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our "today's" johnson baby of the week --