TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Hot in Hollywood: Lady Gaga’s makeup-free photos

E!’s Jason Kennedy shares the latest celebrity news and gossip, including John Travolta’s dance moves in a new Brazilian rum commercial and Lady Gaga’s all-natural selfie posted on her website.

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>> all right.

>> stop it.

>> this morning.

>> say stop it again.

>> stop it.

>> i love it.

>> no, you're not.

>> this morning on your ticket to hollywood, sweets, sneak peeks and the latest celebrity headlines.

>> from lady gaga to john travolta --

>> you look gorgeous by the way.

>> thank you mel.

>> you're gorgeous. you're both gorgeous. he's gorgeous.

>> hi guys. i would catch this all morning long. just keep talking .

>> first up category is star gazing . we have been talking about the royal baby.

>> all next week. we have been talking five minutes without the baby.

>> there's news, there's new developments.

>> uncle harry is talking about what he wants to do with the little baby.

>> he was at a photo exhibit in london and talked about meeting baby prince george for the first time but also talking about his baby sitting dues which caught people off guard. we'll let you check it out right now.

>> he was about that long and about that wide. when i saw him he was crying his eyes out like all babies do i suppose but it's fantastic to have another addition to the family. i only hope my brother knows how expensive my baby sitting charges are.

>> i wonder how many pounds that will cost per hour?

>> the best part is they're both interested in a bottle.

>> he's on fire today.

>> he's going to be a fun uncle. i can tell you that.

>> he wants to have a little fun down the role. he can handle that role nicely. when he's 21 years old.

>> what are we talking about? what are we talking about? this baby has been born, what, two days old now.

>> four.

>> four days old.

>> harry wants him to have fun. he said it. not us.

>> let's talk about this new add john travolta has out.

>> sometimes the celebrities do commercials not here in the states but internationally and hope they won't make their way back to the states.

>> this one did?

>> yeah, this is the brazilian rum company.

>> i love it.

>> strolling down the street. this was shot in rio de janeiro . he is kicking a soccer ball . we get to see his moves. the guy is 59 years old.

>> really?

>> yeah. 59. some people like it but others find it cringe worthy. what do you think?

>> i think it's good. he's having fun .

>> very cheesey.

>> we know him to be cheesey but fun.

>> probably was a good payday.

>> yeah because i know he's clipping coupons.

>> john, travolta, i might have to have somebody else change the lightbulbs on my run way.

>> rich people problems.

>> his house has a run way.

>> no way.

>> yes.

>> shut up.

>> shut up.

>> i won't say another word.

>> i can rival you with a british accent now.

>> there you go.

>> photo power. lady gaga is posting a make up free selfie.

>> i love that.

>> oh, wow.

>> that's terrible.

>> mel b. being honest.

>> it's refreshing to see celebrities not all done up. she cannot wear the make up.

>> i posted one of myself the other day but i didn't look like that.

>> you looked better.

>> no --

>> that's a little bit of a morgue look.

>> will you come back every day? i love you.

>> she posted it a company with a caption about her upcoming album and there is news here.

>> does she want people to buy it?

>> you're going to get hate.

>> everybody is very excited about her new album because she has been out with the hip injury and then the surgery.

>> do you like that picture yes or no? be honest. don't be plolitically correct.

>> i do love when women are not able to look her best and take a picture.

>> the headlines you need to