TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Why Huma Abedin’s loyalty is puzzling to women

Despite Anthony Weiner’s admissions that he sexted more women after resigning from Congress in 2011, his wife Huma Abedin is standing by her man. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports and NBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom, MSNBC’s Abby Huntsman, and author Rene Syler discuss why many women are scratching their heads.

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>> reactions to how huma abedin is handling the situation with her husband anthony weiner .

>> unfortunately this isn't the first time she has been through a scandal with her husband but the difference is this time around she has been front and center sticking by him publicly and that's earning her praise and scorn. stand by your man

>> reporter: it's a great sentiment but still, the revelation of more sexting from anthony weiner have men and women across america asking that very question. when it comes to supporting your spouse, is there a breaking point?

>> i make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents but i make it particularly to my wife huma.

>> reporter: when he confessed to sexting and re-signed from congress in 2011 his wife was largely absent. but this time around, she is center stage in his run for new york city mayor.

>> we love this city and no one will work harder to make it better than anthony.

>> reporter: standing by hermann and speaking out about the new scandal.

>> it was not an easy choice in anyway. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage.

>> reporter: and in print, penning an add for the september issue of harper's bazaar.

>> she should have more respect for herself and a bigger conscious about what's going on.

>> i think it makes her look strong and really good. i would be curious to know if he would do the same thing for her.

>> reporter: and if the roles were reversed would a man stand by his woman?

>> in a female elected official was put through this, he would be not enough of a man. she is called a door mat by the same women that think women should stand by her man.

>> she is an accomplished professional in her own right and some are speculating it maybe about serving her own ambitions and seeking to become the wife of the new york city mayor. it's a conversation a lot of people are having.

>> thank you. we'll continue the conversation. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. abby is the cohost of "the cycle" and renee is the founder of the online community good enough mother.

>> good morning ladies.

>> good morning.

>> just like every smart woman i know has a different opinion on this. they wrote she graduated from sympathetic victim to pathetic inab inableer they wrote she is probably the first wife who chose to stay without taking on the stinch of victim.

>> i think the stinch of victim is there. i think a lot of people are talking about that and i think it's unfortunate. first of all, who are we to judge what's going on inside someone else 's married. as someone married for a long time it's hard to do that but she is a public figure by virtue of who she is married to.

>> you take a different view? you think she -- you don't have a problem with what she is doing?

>> no, it's obviously not the first time a woman stood by her man and it will not be the last time but it's easy to box her up and judge her because it reminds us of women before her because she's foolish and stund but we don't know her and the bigger picture of their marriage. we know she is a professional. she's a respectful woman. she's a mother and trying to keep it together. we need to keep her out of this. it's not our place.

>> lisa, what bothers some people is not just that she is standing by her man for her own reasons, she is taking it into the public realm.

>> what they do behind doors is their own business and what they do in a press conference is our business. it's time to say good-bye of the door mat wife publicly humiliated by her husband. it's a form of apus whbuse when this happens over and over again. she has to read from a prepared script. only a political wife would say that. it's just so unreal.

>> what do we think about the fact that we're talking about huma abedin and not anthony weiner .

>> the point is anthony weiner . he is the one running for office.

>> she did sign on for this. she talked about in that article the fact that you put yourself out there. i think the problem that i have with this is that she really didn't put herself out there in this particular case. he put her out there.

>> they both put her out there. my position is if you're going to have your fun without the wife then you can face the press core without her too. stand there by yourself and don't drag her into this.

>> he didn't drag her. she put herself out there.

>> people told her you're going to stand there and read this --

>> but doesn't that minimize her making her own choice and having the strength to do so? she is incredibly savvy herself.

>> and ultimately marriage is supposed to be together. she is trying to hold her family together.

>> no matter what?

>> fool me once, you know, shame on me. whatever that saying is.

>> how many weathers are we supposed to endure in a marriage.

>> he promised he wouldn't do it again. i made a mistake the first time. i'm not going to do it again. they regrouped and we thought that was it. the texting and stuff started happening after he did that.

>> i told you there's going to be more and there's still going to be more.

>> i agree i just don't think it's our place to judge someone else 's marriage.

>> we proved our point that it is a conversation starter. great to have you ladies