TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

What is TODAY? ‘Jeopardy!’ features anchor category

The long-running game show featured a category titled “It’s not Matt Lauer,” quizzing players on other famous TODAY personalities like Hugh Downs and Gene Shalit.

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>>> trending on twitter, today trivia for 200 alex. did anyone happen to catch jeopardy yesterday? the popular game show included a category called it's not matt lauer .

>> that's right.

>> we were quizzing con tetestants about our show. for 200, jane pauly's long time today show co-host he's since become a fix tour on hbo --

>> correct for 200.

>> for 600, this movie reviewer, his mustache left the show --

>> who is jean shallet.

>> during his tenure as co-host he sponsored the game show concentration?

>> hugh downs .

>> there you go. mr. lauer. very impressive.

>> i can't believe there wasn't one -- i was going to answer all the questions.

>> he doesn't a host.

>> he was a co-host.

>> exactly.

>> whatever you're saying, don't say it.

>> that's what's trending.