TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Is Monopoly phasing out jail to save time?

Some toy manufacturers are starting to create games for kids on a tight schedule, like Monopoly Empire, which can be won within half an hour.

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>> website of the wall street journal , toys for to thes on tight schedules. many children are overscheduled these days. some parents offer up digital devices but manufactures are aiming quick games aimed at busy kids. monopoly empire has players battling over mcdonald's, xbox and coke instead of park avenue . empire can be won in just a half an hour. apparently there still is a jail on the board. a lot of people were worried because they were going to take it out because it took too much time.

>> yeah but it's a trump jail.

>> that's a good idea. because you don't have as much time and i can't think of the number of times i haven't started a game like that with my kids because i knew we would never get to finish it.

>> kids don't have the attention span anymore.

>> there is an express version