TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Fedex employee caught throwing boxes into truck

A Fedex employee was caught on camera throwing boxes into the back of her truck. The shipping company has apologized.

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>>> meantime on youtube, let us hope that there is nothing fragile in these boxes. a driver here in new york caught a female fed ex employee just hurling packages into the back of a country truck. she is throwing them underhand and then overhand and gets help from that guy who apparently according to fed ex is not even an employee. they said they were disappointed saying they accept high performance standards for our team members and this behavior falls far short of what is expected. fed ex says appropriate corrective action will be taken.

>> in this day and age everybody has a cell phone.

>> it's not her fault, they were marked fragile.

>> honest mistake. trending on the website of the wall street journal , toys for to thes on tight schedules. many children are overscheduled these days. some