TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Spanish train crash driver had bragged about speeding

As reports have come out saying the train that crashed in Spain, killing at least 80, was going twice the speed limit, the train’s driver had earlier posted photos bragging about speeding on Facebook. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> let us begin on a friday morning with the overnight developments in the investigation of the deadly train crash in spain. nbc's keir simmons is at the hospital this morning. keir, good morning to you.

>> hey, matt, good morning. so many people were injuried in that crash they're being treated at a number of hospitals here. one of the at least five americans who was injured are being treated as the investigation gets underway. the driver of the train was lead away by investigators as reports say the train was traveling at more than twice the 50 miles per hour speed limit . so the question today is was the driver to blame or was there some kind of a system failure?

>> reporter: is this the man that caused europe's worst train disaster in decades? he was the driver, now under investigation for driving too fast. on his facebook page, he has boasted about speeding posting pictures of the speedometer, 200 ki kilometers an hour. he describes the crash as a scene from hell. he believes the train was going too fast. for most of the trip it was like 60 miles per hour but toward the end it said 134 miles per hour. her husband and daughter along five americans injured. back home in virginia, neighbors are heart broken.

>> she is a phenomenal person. anyone that knew her knew she had god in her life.

>> reporter: another injured was robert from houston.

>> became chaos. things flew and everything. there was sudden darkness and i was thrown on one side of the train.

>> reporter: his wife was badly wounded.

>> she was sitting on the side where the train flipped over so everything kind of fell on her and two other people and she was under about -- under three people and about five chairs and maybe about three or four luggages. and so i couldn't see her at all. i'm screaming out for her name.

>> reporter: amateur video shows smoke pouring from the wreckage. my god the camera man said, this is a nightmare. in the chaos, robert was desperately calling for his wife.

>> i was hysterical and screaming out her name just to make sure she would know we were still looking for her.

>> reporter: spain in is in mourning. he visited the hospital where his wife was critically ill.

>> all she wanted was me to hug her and that's all i could do.

>> reporter: while his wife is critical, she is stable. she says that doctors say that when he is by her bedside she responds. her heart rate goes up. she knows he is there. and this is heartbreaking. they were in europe for their daughter's wedding and now he and his daughter are by her hospital bed, savannah.

>> horrific story. thank you very