TODAY   |  July 26, 2013

Juror: ‘Zimmerman got away with murder’

Juror B29, who called herself Maddy in an ABC News interview, said that though she initially voted to find George Zimmerman guilty of second degree murder, she stood by the "not guilty" verdict “because of the law.” NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> another high profile case. a second juror from the george zimmerman trial is speaking out about the case and the controversial verdict. here's nbc 's mark potter .

>> reporter: in an interview juror b-29 said she was the one whose first vote in deliberations was to find george zimmerman guilty of second degree murder.

>> george zimmerman got away with murder but you can't get away from god. and at the end of the day , he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with.

>> reporter: but the only ethnic minority juror who calls herself maddie said the jury came to agree there wasn't enough proof to find him guilty.

>> as the law was read to me if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally you can't find -- you can't say he is guilty.

>> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty.

>> reporter: and she stands by her verdict.

>> i stand by the decision because in my heart he would have been guilty.

>> in a statement made thursday trayvon martin's mother said it is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror b-29 comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true. that george zimmerman literally got away with murder. nbc news reached out to george zimmerman 's attorney but not no response. she feels the trial was a publicity stunt and feels she owes trayvon martin's family an apology. for today, mark potter , nbc news miami.