TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Swat! How to zap away pesky summer bugs

Julie Edelman, the Accidental Housewife, quizzes Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Dean Cain about the best way to repel and get rid of summertime bugs.

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>> "today" on nbc.

>>> as hot and steamy summer comes, we have our share of buzzing bugs.

>> we've tried smooching, smacking them, but they still find a way to annoy us.

>> julie edelman says be buzzed no more. she's home editor and will put it to a test.

>> let's go. do you know --

>> yes --

>> what is the best way to swat a fly and which of these two things would you use to do that? newspaper or --

>> paper --

>> or --

>> paper!

>> wrong! [ buzzer ]

>> it's actually -- this is a grease splatter top. it's perforated. these little guys have 360-degree vision. if you hit them with this, they also feel air flow. this allows the air flow --

>> oh.

>> smart.

>> what's next, julie?

>> okay. we love plants on our patios, decorating and all. which of these plants or herbs deters, okay, bugs? is it -- is it basil, catnip, cactus, marigolds, or geraniums --

>> basil! i'm going basil! what are you going with?

>> cactus.

>> what's the answer?

>> you are correct.

>> yes!

>> cactus juice will. but the others -- it's the scent of these that doesn't. which of these will repel bees and mosquitoes? is it garlic powder , aerosol, hairspray, milk, or vic's voporub --

>> every one does except milk this. has cedar oil in there. garlic actually has sulfur. you could use garlic powder , too, if you have a bee sting or a mosquito.

>> is that right?

>> good.

>> and this, you can do your hair and do that, too. which of these liqueurs -- i love that sound -- [ buzzing ]

>> attracts them? red wine , banana liqueur, or tequila --

>> what's the question? which doesn't --

>> which does not attract --

>> tequila does not.

>> agreed.

>> wrong! [ buzzer ]

>> banana liqueur. the others do.

>> confused.

>> what you need to do, by the way, is pour -- we'll never have that much left over, of course.

>> yeah.

>> you want to leave a little in there because they're attracted. they'll drink.

>> okay.

>> you are here.

>> okay.

>> you are there.

>> what are we doing?

>> we are going to take the original fly shooter gun. this is -- you are going to take aim and hit as many of these cups down as you can. and the person who does wins. by the way --

>> yeah?

>> you can get -- you take one each because they're preloaded. and you can get these on amazon. on your mark, get set, bite -- go! there you go! all right. five, four, three, two, one -- [ buzzer ]

>> dean is the winner.

>> of course dean's the winner.

>> he is superman, of course.

>> dean is going to come back and join -- you get bug repellant. lord. dean