TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Hoda’s dream comes true as Dean Cain co-hosts

A few weeks ago Hoda said she’d love to share a bottle of wine with Dean Cain, and today it came true as the former Superman portrayer joined her as guest co-host of the Fourth Hour of TODAY.

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>> the only way that's going to happen.

>> were you excited when this got picked up?

>> extremely excited because it's a job i love. i can take my son to school, make it to work, and be back to have a regular life.

>> i love a lot of things about you, but the way you talk about your son -- this is one of those things -- you know how you like a guy and hear how he talks about his kids and you love him. this kid is the center of your universe, isn't me?

>> he is and has been for a long time. i've changed my life, my career around being a father. i adore him.

>> he's 13?

>> he's 13. not a kid anymore.

>> he's a teenager. is he dating, what's he doing?

>> nooo. are you dating --

>> when did you have your first date? how old --

>> i was younger than my son.

>> uh-huh.

>> yeah. i was a little on the young side. you know, people say that kids today are so advanced, learning so much. i don't know that i agree with that all the way around. my son and his friends seem -- they seem pretty innocent.

>> really? okay. have you given him the talk?

>> i gave him the talk a long time ago.

>> you did?

>> and i continue to amend the talk. different things to learn about. he's just -- he's the best.

>> what but think -- speak of kids, what did you think of william and kate naming their son george ?

>> well, it's my middle name . i'm glad they consulted me. they were interested in that. i think it's an english name, obviously. it's great tradition.

>> yeah.

>> i like it. i think it's fantastic. it's traditional. it's george alexander --

>> alexander louis .

>> louis .

>> not -- louis , yes. if you saw "the king's speech," it's a great, great movie. george , i think, vi was queen elizabeth 's dad. the stutterer character. but i loved that movie so much. and for some reason right when they said that name, i said, oh, my god, i'm glad --

>> that's his great, great grandfather --

>> great, great grandfather. indeed. okay. but you're busy. we pointed out you're busy with the one show you got renewed. you're doing something weird. i'm sorry, a weird show. a bizarre show that you have coming out.

>> it's called "the $10 million big foot basis " -- "the $10 million big foot bounty." everybody talks about it --

>> big foot , come on.

>> loch ness monster . we're finding out -- we really want to figure this out. scientific -- there's major scientists. there's a lab and it is so much to it -- these people will tell you stories and they are so convinced, they're positive --

>> come on, are there crazies? come on. come on.

>> there are some characters. they're fun to watch. i will say this, on average every year, we discover 10,000 to 15,000 new species. so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

>> how does someone prove that they saw or -- or saw big foot ?

>> it's a $10 million prize underwritten by lloyds of london . it's for real.

>> for real.

>> they have to have definitive dna and visual proof. you have to have a picture, photo, or dna --

>> how do you get dna with big foot ?

>> a hair follicle. you can test that. you can do it with a biopsy dart. a gun that you pop in. you shoot, takes a piece of meat or a little bit of flesh.

>> meat --

>> flesh. flesh. and you could bonk him on the head i suppose.

>> god. all right. this will be something. where can people see this?

>> on spike. it doesn't start until january. since i saw you last, i've been in the pacific northwest in the middle of nothing --

>> do you like that?

>> i love it.

>> you're an outdoorsy guy.

>> yeah. it's very cool. it was -- it was -- we're still doing it, but it's been very trying. we'll drive five hours sometimes and hike three hours to get to a location.

>> oh, my god.

>> there's nothing.

>> all right. do you believe -- are you a big foot believer?

>> i started off as a big-time skeptic. and i'm less of a skeptic now.

>> okay.

>> i will say. you know, like i said, i have been gone this whole time.

>> yes.

>> last time i saw you, a little over a month ago -- i watch the show all the time. my mom -- hi, mom, wherever you --

>> she watches?

>> she watches all the time. we were watch being a month ago. you said something about something you would like to do or have happen.

>> yeah.

>> and we have the tape. can we roll the tape?

>> what is it? let's take a look.

>> what male star would you like to share a bottle of wine with?

>> hugh jackman .

>> dean cain .

>> oh. we actually didn't have any of those in our gamble.

>> okay.

>> look at kathie's face.

>> we're going to do it. bring it in. absolutely --

>> dim the lights. bring it down.

>> please, allow me.

>> is this a date?

>> it is now.

>> a morning date.

>> this is --

>> nothing like it. cheers.

>> you are ridiculous.

>> they put me up to it. get it on ahh

>> nice, isn't it?

>> yes. this is very intimate.

>> i'm sorry -- i guess we're still on tv, aren't we? forget it. i'll just wait. that actually is really good.

>> it's delicious. our first date. that was sweet --

>> that was a nice date. it happens.

>> thank you. we want real quick, back to the baby. the little baby. a lot of people were making -- they were talking about how the baby is very connected to the " seinfeld " series because of the names.

>> george .

>> george .

>> alexander -- jason alexander , okay.

>> and louis , julia louis . there's fun with it.

>> there's speculation over what these names would be. i for one is not surprised. as a royal watcher i know that will and kate are huge fans of " seinfeld ." and clearly named the baby for george costanza , who's played by jason alexander , and julia louis dreyfus because -- [ applause ]

>> because just like " seinfeld ," the english royal family is really about nothing. [ laughter ]

>> love that.

>> very clever.

>> so good.

>> very clever.

>>> so there's been a lot in the paper about anthony weiner lately.

>> yes.

>> and --

>> " carlos danger."

>> " carlos danger" is his port -- his porn name.

>> his porn name. what do you think?

>> i think it sounds like a porn name. the audacity, i can't put it into words. i'm shocked. i love new york city -- not to be too political, but come on. really --

>> what is going on --

>> that's a problem. amanda bynes got help. maybe he needs help. that's all i'm saying. it's ridiculous.

>> choosing a name -- i don't know how he came up with carlos danger --

>> no idea.

>> they're calling his wife sinora danger. i guess not there a porn name app. you can type your name in and the porn name app will tell you what your name will be. we did it. mine would be -- oh. what? jenny quickie?

>> whoa.

>> jenny -- did someone make that up?

>> no.

>> that's really what it came --

>> that's generated --

>> i'll be honest, i didn't expect that.

>> i didn't either.

>> dean cain porn name according to this would be captain minx.

>> that's right.

>> sometimes the other way is to put your first pet's name together with the street you grew up on. what would yours be?

>> that wouldn't work well. i'd be lovey grayfox.

>> lovey?

>> of that the first dog that i had.

>> lovey grayfox? yours is good.

>> or candy grayfox.

>> grayfox street where you grew up? mine would be blake -- i never had a dog before -- and i grew up on dogwood avenue.

>> blake dogwood.

>> let's swap. makes hear sense.

>>> we've got a sense. this -- this plaything every thursday. this one is a summer song . it is such fun. it's got -- let's play it. we've got to find to define who we are

>> yes. i knew this.

>> here it comes -- here it comes. here's the chorus. we only have to know the chorus. here we go. ready?

>> it's written there. she's up all night to get some i'm up all night to get some she's up all night to get fun i'm up all night to get lucky

>> come on. she's up all night to get some i'm up all night to get some we're up all night to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky

>> i love that. a great, great, great song. fun for the summertime.

>> i was up all night last night, and i didn't get lucky.

>> what happened? couldn't sleep.

>> i couldn't sleep. coming from the west coast , you come out here, the hours different. i've been looking for big foot , doing night runs. all night. it drives me nuts.

>> i'm glad ye -- glad you're here with us.

>> okay. glad you're here.

>>> is it okay or not okay to sign for autographs? tough one.

>> i think every performer owes a debt of gratitude to their fans. you'd have no career without them, not honest. gratitude should be your attitu attitude.

>> always sign an autograph. if they have the courage to ask, you should have the courtesy to sign it.

>> what if you're late, though, for something?

>> what? didn't make sense. you always sign --

>> i always sign. there is one exception which is there are professional autograph people who come out and sell autographs. so there are people who go, can you sign this, can you sign this --

>> you know they'll sell it on ebay.

>> that's the only caveat.