TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Doggone! Revisit pooch that surfs, dives in pool

TODAY’s Sara Haines show Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Dean Cain video revisiting Jumpy the dog, whose impressive skills include surfing, diving into pools and swimming underwater.

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>> get up. back it up. back it up. all the way back.

>> oh! [ laughter ]

>> and sit.

>> oh!

>> say hi.

>> oh!

>> yep --

>> terrifying.

>> look behind you.

>> can you imagine visiting that guy's house?

>> now shake your head.

>> is this true?

>> yes.

>> he put the voice in after --

>> no, no, no. this guy is a professional dog trainer . guess who this dog's brother is --

>> caesar!

>> the dog-friendly artist -- the famous dog. not same parents, same household.

>> oh.

>> yeah, he's a trainer. legit, big-time trainer.

>> you have two dogs --

>> they don't even sit. not going to go left, right, or down, anything.

>> we love you.