TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Woman after ambush makeover: ‘That’s not me!’

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin flex their makeover muscles for two women they found on the plaza, and their new looks are so stunning the women hardly recognize themselves.

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>>> we're back on this thirsty thursday with our very dean kaine, sitting in for kathie lee as she's off. it's time for our " ambush makeover " as we surprise two lucky women from the plaza with a makeover look.

>> stylist to the stars --

>> get ready it's a song -- louis lacari-la, la, la, la, la

>> and "today" contributor and contributor to "style watch" --

>> and author --

>> jill martin.

>> how were the pickings on the plaza today?

>> it was great. i saw, we death did, two women i should say who had no idea how pretty they were. they didn't have a clue. we just have to show them how.

>> we can't wait. our first up is kristinvil ville villarosa, 31 from houston, texas. she's never colored her hair before. she rarely wears make-up, and begged us to give her a brand new look. take a listen.

>> brand new look.

>> i know you came down here just for this, and there's a special reason.

>> yes. i've been growing my hair out for locks of love. i thought it would be cool to get it cut as a makeover on the "today" show.

>> so nice, you give a gift and get a gift. and i know you're flipping out for your aunt --

>> yes, she never gets ready or anything. she's gorgeous naturally. i'm excited to see how this comes out.

>> i know your husband, fernando , is excited, nervous --

>> hopefully excited.

>> he will be, trust me.

>> i hope so.

>> oh. fernando . all right. fernando is here. husband, kids, aid an, and here is kristin before. let's see the new you

>> whoa!

>> wow!

>> wow!

>> are you ready? wait. wait -- you ready? take off your blindfolds.

>> oh --

>> whoa!

>> wow.

>> kristin , are you ready? step right here. see the mirror? step right in front. you can put your glasses on. i'm sorry -- oh, hey! well --

>> i don't look like myself.

>> you look hot. look -- do me a favor, look at camera 12. tell us about the hair.

>> okay. the hair today, vanessa gave her a great haircut. look how much we cut. i don't know if you can see on camera. it's about 12 inches or so.

>> you look hot.

>> she's donating her hair, by the way. then i softened her hair, lightened her hair. the combination brought out the glamorous girl that was within.

>> fernando , what do we think?

>> i think she looks fantastic. we came over -- she watches all the time. she was hoping to get chosen for the makeover. thank you all.

>> she looks great. that's the perfect outfit.

>> can you believe the body? we put her in a dress that she doesn't have. nothing like it. by maggie lyndon. and i want you to see the back --

>> i'm sorry. the back. [ laughter ]

>> a big round of applause for kristen. you can join your family.

>> wow. wow.

>> who's up next?

>> the next one is denise williams from orangeburg, south carolina . and her daily beauty routine consists of showering and wearing zero make-up. just like me.

>> uh-huh.

>> after calling her mother, she was finally convinced to try a brand new look. let's take a look and listen to her story.

>> i loved your reaction when we picked up. i'm surprised you stopped jumping around.

>> i can't help it. i can't believe this. it's going to be great, though.

>> i love that you called your mother for permission. you were on the phone with her for so long.

>> she said, "please do it." she called my brother. he said, "tell her to do it. what's wrong with her?"

>> mom, we are going to make her look fab. what do you think?

>> it's going to be great.

>> good attitude.

>> okay. she is here with her church group --

>> look at this lively bunch.

>> a lively bunch. they look terrified. [ laughter ]

>> went protection.

>> they look terrified. all right. let's take one last look at denise before. and then let's bring out the new denise.

>> boom!

>> whoa.

>> take them off. take off your blindfolds.

>> sorry --

>> she looks so nice.

>> whoa.

>> she's got to see herself. spin around and look in the mirror. come on, girl. i'm sorry, somebody came to play.

>> oh -- [ laughter ]

>> uh!

>> wow!

>> you look beautiful.

>> that's not me.

>> that's you.

>> that is definitely you.

>> spin around so we can see you, too.

>> she looks hot. [ laughter ]

>> wow!

>> oh, my gosh --

>> show the hair --

>> score. what we did there is -- once your hair is black, it shouldn't be black again, but the darker colors look great on you. you look fantastic.

>> thank you very much.

>> this is a great short haircut. she twisted it before. we took the twist away and gave her a great pixie.

>> she looks 15 years youngerment hyoung eer. honestly.

>> that shows the color, cut, make-up --

>> what about the church group. what do you think?

>> she looks beautiful.

>> beautiful.

>> hey!

>> you have this look like --

>> what about that dress? that's a great dress.

>> i know. i love that she called her mom to ask permission. she was on 20 minutes before we were allowed to make her over. we had a ball. the dress is maggie london. a great wrap dress .

>> great on her. let's bring kristin out and do a big round of applause. [ applause ]

>> wow.