TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

9 summer gadgets that make you look cool

Gadget guy Steve Greenberg shows off a collection of nifty summer gadgets such as a towel that’s designed to stay cool for up to five hours, a wrist wallet for kids, and a helmet that lights up for a night ride.

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>>> if you've been looking for toys, look no further. we have fun and unique gadgets for sun in the summertime.

>> stein greensburg is thof author of "gadget nation."

>> keeping cool and looking cool.

>> that's what the shades are for. i'll kill those and move to -- you're playing golf, on the fairway. hot day.

>> yes.

>> do you reach for a wood or iron?

>> well, it depends -- i would go for the driver.

>> well, this is a drink-dispensing driver from the folks at hammacher schlemmer . and basically in this case, we're dispensing --

>> no indeed!

>> red wine from it.

>> genius!

>> my favorite driver --

>> that's great.

>> a good golf tip.

>> how does it come?

>> this is what it really looks like. fits into your golf bag. this way you can discreetly drink iced tea or something else. $89 from hammacher schlemmer .

>> affordable to some.

>> all right.

>> moving on. another thing. this is called the ice-cold towels from when they're not wet, they're hard as a rock . you put it in water, it absorbs ten times more water than cotton. it's engineered -- i use this. it stays cold for hours.

>> what do you do? throw it on --

>> like when you go to the gym or running, keep it on your neck. i'll throw it on ino mine --

>> last week in new york it was 90 million degrees --

>> super cool . you don't put it in the refrigerator or anything. you wet it, it stays for a long time.

>> that's awesome.

>> you have to be hydrated.

>> staying hydrated. these are the hydro band armbands. you can wear it like that and take a drink. has a built-in secret wallet to keep your --

>> clever.

>> credit card , cash, key in there.

>> right.

>> what if you went like this --

>> you lose your credit card , cash, key, wallet. no. it's --

>> is it comfortable to run in?

>> it's comfortable. i've used it. water is -- there's never a place to carry. for kids, this is for the wrist. a swiggy. it's -- the little kids wear it on their wrist. and because you're putting cold water in there, it keeps them cooler just because it's on their wrist anyway. it's a smart way to go.

>> search for this -- misty may from pump it up, put water in it, and spritz out --

>> it cools you off.

>> exactly. you --

>> you pump it up.

>> oh, no --

>> do it.

>> i feel cool and refreshed.

>> that's very cool. i like it.

>> oh.

>> weather-sensitive hair. okay. yes.

>> i've seen that hair.

>> i know you have.

>> now, keeping hair things -- you may not want to try this on. this is the angel helmet for bicycles. what this does, it actually has a built-in light to it. so --

>> a light.

>> the lights --

>> wow.

>> great. that's great.

>> here, this one --

>> terrific.

>> there way people can see. now it's pricier than most helmets, it $89. again, it makes sense for, you know, safetiwise --

>> i like that.

>> and summer, you want to go biking, a cool breeze to cool off.

>> i like. would you wear that?

>> i would.

>> we have a minute or two.

>> i would stick it on my child, too. to keep him safe.

>> these are the no-blow hurricane buddies. made by two moms in new jersey. when you get to the beach, you fill this with sand, and it keeps a counterweight so your umbrella doesn't blow over.

>> how does it hook up --

>> you tie it to the top and counterweight it.

>> look at there cute dog --

>> look, cody here. the wonder dog . now cody is on this self-cooling pad. this pad, you don't have to put in the refrigerator or anything. sit on it -- a dog can sit for hours, and it stays cool.

>> okay.

>> it resets itself when the doing leaves and comes back again.

>> oh.

>> very cool. and what cody is wearing are comfy tails. that's this thing here. this is a harness that goes on the area by the dog's core. you put this gel pack in. you can freeze it so it keeps him cool. or microwave it, heat it up for the winter to keep him warm. and it's called comfy tails.

>> it's been so hot. my dog's black, and i wary that he's getting overheated.

>> this is great. and cody loves his, right?