TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks about racing superstitions

The driver voted NASCAR’s most popular talks about the upcoming Brickyard 400 race, NASCAR’s return to NBC, and whether he has any superstitions that influence his pre-race routine.

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>>> to a legend of nascar , dale earnhardt jr . nice to see you. it's a pleasure.

>> can we call you junior?

>> dale.

>> you've got a big weekend coming up. you've got the brick yard 400. and not to bring up bad things, but you've never kissed the brick, so to speak.

>> that's correct.

>> why not? is

>> it's a tough race to win. it's one of our major events. i think we've got a good shot. i've got one of the best crew chiefs and strategists in the business, and i dream about kissing them bricks all the time. let's see if we can make it happen.

>> you ever practice kissing bricks?

>> i don't practice, but if fans want to see the show, they can tune in 1:00 sunday and find out if we win or not.

>> and after a seven-year absence, in 2015 nascar is back on nbc.

>> as an owner and driver in the sport, that's a big deal for me. i think the fans can expect big things . i know nbc and nascar worked together in the past, but i'm excited about this.

>> i'm always curious about superstitions with sports figures and stars like yourself. any superstitions going in?

>> i just have the basic superstitions myself, walking under ladders, nothing else, though. nascar , i think green is bad luck , and eating peanuts around a race car is bad luck for some reason. there's some old wives tales like that.

>> checkers are good luck. you like those checkered flags. dale earnhardt jr ., nice to see