TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Find trendy outdoor furniture items for less

There is still plenty of time to host a big bash this summer, so why not do it for less? Sabrina Soto of HGTV shows how you can score some of the season’s hottest items for budget prices.

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>>> now to throwing your next backyard bash in style. you can splurge on all the hottest trends or get the same high priced looks for a fraction of the price. sabrina soto, host of hgtv's the high/low project. going to put our penny pinching skills to the test. good morning.

>> ready to play the high/low game?

>> yes.

>> you have 45 seconds. you have to put the price tag on what you think the high item is.

>> don't copy me, al.

>> don't cheat, and don't copy.

>> what i highest is?

>> you have 45 seconds starting now.

>> on just this?

>> all the items you can see throughout. i know, mel , you're pretty competitive.

>> i am.

>> hopefully, you're going to win this. feel free to touch, feel, pick anything up.

>> i have to do that. don't copy me, al. finished. oh, no, haven't finished.

>> and the cushions too.

>> cushions?

>> oh.

>> excuse me.

>> what were you pointing at, al?

>> five seconds left. are you guys done?

>> we are done.

>> we're finished.

>> we'll start from the top. al, you won. this, if you felt it, is a little heavier. this one is thinner and has more detail.

>> i thought this would be more. it's fancy with the detail.

>> this one is $299. this one is $199. onto the mason jars, actually, mel .

>> see?

>> you were wrong.

>> what?

>> the smaller one is actually more expensive. one is gal vanized metal. that's $70. the low is $20. the tiered stands, you guys both put them on the low. this is the high. ribbing detail and lazy susan bottom.

>> lazy susan bottom.

>> you both got the placemats right. even though they look almost identical, one is thicker. we have $56 and $24.

>> i thought we were going with the plates.

>> they're the same plates, al.

>> the glasses, actually, mel you were wrong. you were right.

>> i'm not good at this.

>> you're good. if you pick it up, one's a little bit thicker. you're both good.

>> this has to be right.

>> the lantern, this is the high. this is $325, and this is $119. so the cushions, mel , you were right. that is the high at $65. the low is $25.

>> why do you sound so surprised, al, that i got something right?

>> you've been at zero.

>> aren't we almost at a tie?

>> the ice chest , actually, al, you got it wrong.

>> is all right. you're finishing strong.

>> here we go, neck and neck.

>> this one is $70. that is $450 because it's made of mahogany.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> what a big price difference. last, the planters, let's see. mel , you got it right.

>> see i think i won then overall.

>> you can see the ribbing detail. i think you both did a great job.

>> fantastic. don't be so disappointed. you're very competitive.

>> i am.

>> sabrina soto, thank you so much. you can referee any time.