TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Anchors compete ‘Hollywood Game Night’ style

TODAY’s Al Roker and Willie Geist, along with Mel B., engage in some friendly competition, playing a game featured on “Hollywood Game Night”  with a little help from some TODAY interns.

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>>> we love thursday night's new game show " hollywood game night ." jane lynch hosts the party in hollywood where every night people play games with celebrities. tonight they play one called take a hint.

>> invisible.

>> lasso.

>> linda?

>> wonder woman.

>> there you go.

>> harry.

>> potter.

>> school.

>> hogwarts.

>> now you see how the game works. we're going to play a round ourselves. this is the lovely madison. team mel b. , 18 months old. we've asked our interns to help us out. w lauren playing on team al. casey on team mel b .

>> ready, lauren?

>> i'm ready.

>> "s." cape.

>> superman.

>> all right. nuts.

>> nuts.

>> nicole.

>> no, kate . kate . actor.

>> kate ?

>> you're not good at this, al.

>> pass.

>> tom cruise .

>> pepperoni.

>> pizza.

>> it comes from --

>> italy.

>> i'm going to go see --

>> nuts and kate . i don't think we'll stick with that.

>> i think we ran out of time.

>> we don't get to play the other side?

>> i'm sorry. we win.

>> what are we talking about?

>> i win, oh.

>> hollywood game night every thursday.