TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

TODAY viewer guesses royal baby name, delivery date

TODAY viewer Natalie Howard celebrated the birth of Britain’s Prince George by accurately guessing the correct name and birthdate of the baby in the “Royal Baby Guess” competition. She was just three minutes off his actual delivery time, though she admits on TODAY that she entered a few (dozen) times.

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>> one diehard "today" show viewer said the royal birth for that person was a moment she'll never forget. natalie howard beat out more than 13,000 people who entered our royal baby guess contest. natalie correctly guessed, get this, little george's name, the birth date , and was only three minutes off on his actual delivery time. natalie , good morning to you.

>> bravo.

>> good morning, sir. how are you?

>> i'm great. congratulations. now, is this the first time you've ever entered a "today" show type of contest?

>> you know, it actually is. i became aware of it by looking at the "today" show website, and i said, you know what, let me just enter. never thought i would win.

>> natalie , we are truly amazed by you. you are lucky and good, but let me just ask you a question. how many times did you enter? how many guesses did you make? be honest.

>> you know, i don't know the exact number. it was quite a few. i tried to cover several bases and several possibilities. i tried to increase my odds.

>> well, it worked.

>> she had the whole week covered.

>> i read somebody said it may have been more than 100 times . good for you.

>> exactly right. well, congratulations. well