TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Go Cali! Nation's top two schools aren’t Ivy League

According to Forbes, for the first time ever, the top two colleges in the nation are both from California, and neither is Ivy League. The TODAY anchors reveal the top schools and what the price tag is for a top-ranked education.

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>>> the first of the nation's top colleges. "forbes" magazine is out withity annual rankings, and you'll be surprised what schools you won't find at the very top. columbia university at number five. yale at number four. princeton places third. no surprises there. but at the top of the list, pomona college in second and stanford at number one. "forbes" said it's the first time that two california schools are at the head of the class , and it's also the first time that ivy league institutions aren't in the top two spots. by the way, you'll notice harvard is not in the top five. where do you think it came in?

>> i don't know, six.

>> eight.

>> wow, interesting.

>> if you want to send your child to one of those top five schools, the average cost of tuition, $54,103.