TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

5 pups and 1 kitten hoping for homes get makeovers

In another installment of Bow to Wow, six shelter animals get cleaned up in the hopes of getting adopted by loving families.

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>>> and we are back with from bow to wow, where we take great dogs and find them loving homes. today's animal advocate with more great pups.

>> all amazing animals. a pet's house is wonderful when you're talking about sporting events , but in the summer, it's a never-ending nightmare, especially when countless of amazing animals are just discarded. first up, we have a boy that wants the bench all to himself. this is pooh bear , and he definitely rules the roost. he's a pug/beagle mix.

>> he's a puggle, and he's 3 years old.

>> he's a happy boy. you can sit by yourself. he's still a couch potato , but he does love his space. don't be camera shy now. this is your opportunity. this is gene, border collie mix and a puppy.

>> only 9 months old.

>> and a love bug .

>> yeah, he is.

>> just the sweetest little baby. hello there. i got kisses. now, princess is a very special little girl today, special in more ways than one because she's a little timid, and she takes time to get to know you.

>> she's a 1 1/2-year-old bassett hound /beagle mix.

>> a beauty and a little shy, but so sweet once she warms up. oh, i hate that we always have to say that the cages are chockful of the most adorable cats and kittens like this little angel named zee.

>> zee is 5 months old and very playful, very sweet, very friendly.

>> give a kiss to the camera. needless to say, max has a ton of energy.

>> a squirmer, huh? max is a 2 1/2-year-old poodle/maltese mix.

>> would you like to take a little nap? no, you wouldn't. the dog days of summer definitely make it difficult for our furry angel like this. this is pueblo. just about a year old?

>> 10-month-old llaso apso mix.

>> and loves to hang out in your arms and great with kids.

>> yes, he would be.

>> as always, we're joined by richard gentle from animal care and control of new york. good morning to you. let's bring these little guys up. pooh bear being walked by dean cain , come on up. a super dog. he's a pug and a beagle mix?

>> pug and a beagle mix, a lot of energy. hasn't stopped since we got here. would be good in a home where people are home a lot, work at home or retired. as you can see, he's got lots of energy.

>> thank you so much. our next pup is gene being walked by dale earnhardt jr .

>> a border collie , so very smart, very energetic, short legs, but really likes to go. some nice long walks would make an excellent family dog .

>> still a puppy.

>> still a puppy.

>> thank you so much.

>> the only lady of the bunch, this is princess. little boy hayden from st. louis is walking her this morning. tell us about this dog.

>> she's a little shy and timid, but she warms up quickly. would be good in a home where someone can be easy with her, that's gentle, and just take the time to get her used to a new home.

>> probably the only animal in a home would be great.

>> she's a loyal, loving companion, no doubt. she's super sweet.

>> seems like a little bassett hound in her.

>> little bassett hound . had her nose to the ground here and kissing the human friends. she was just bonding. she'd be good in a good family home.

>> hayden, good job. thank you. kailey o'donnell is carrying our little meow to wow kitty cat .

>> still a kitten. very playful yet, and her true personality hasn't come out yet. as she grows and gets older. just one representative of the hundreds of cats we have available for adoption. really need a good home.

>> cat and kittens. this is our busy time of year. we really need to get people into the shelters to adopt.

>> kelly and the kitten. other than that, are you in love?

>> totally. there's lipstick all over the cat.

>> she's yours now.

>> it's her shade. kelly o, thank you so much. finally, jane pauley has little mac max, who i think has had an extreme makeover .

>> very extreme makeover .

>> reinvented.

>> another high energy dog. two good long walks a day would be perfect for max, and he settles right down, occupies himself with a toy, will lay on your lap.

>> don't let him down, jane. you will never get him back.

>> oh, the cameras. pueblo got a big makeover.

>> a huge makeover. he feels a lot better now. he's lost a lot of his hair. he looks good.

>> look at him. isn't he handsome?

>> another very curious dog, likes to lay in your lap, will sit on your feet. again, a perfect family dog as well.

>> really cute. pueblo probably lost about 20 pounds in hair, and he's very grateful in the summer to lose that hair.

>> should very bring all these animals out one more time? remind us, what is the record of adoption from these segments?

>> 100% success rate in the five years we've been doing it, every single one.

>> if people want to find out how to adopt these animals.

>> go to our website at animal care and control, and we'll have all the information. be quick because these animals reque go quickly.

>> celebrity dog walkers, thank you so much.