TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

New book celebrates Beatles’ rise to fame

Fifty years after the release of the Beatles’ first album, Larry Kane, who was a 22-year-old broadcast journalist assigned to travel on the iconic band’s first American tour, is documenting that trip of a lifetime in his new book, “When They Were Boys.”

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>>> a golden anniversary this year. it's been 50 years since the release of their first iconic album, " please please me" and needless to say their sound changed the world. come together right now over me

>> groundbreaking and timeless, 50 years after john, paul, george, and ringo released their debut album , 50 years after the start of beatlemania, the music remains instantly recognizable.

>> thank you for the records. they're still holding up. it was hard work, but it was great.

>> from their humble beginnings in liverpool, england, to the mass hysteria of the british invasion , the beatles forever changed the course of pop music . "all my lovin

>> the beatles had big hits going on, "love me do," "all my lovin," they were being accepted throughout england. they were the rage of great britain. europe had been conquered. the big question was would they go over in america ?

>> in 1964 , larry kane was a 16-year-old broadcast journalist who got the assignment of a lifetime, travel with the beatles , documenting their first ever north american tour.

>> as you get older, a lot of people think that better is for older. life gets better when you're older. you watch.

>> it was a trip made reluctantly at first.

>> i told my bosses, why should i cover it? they'll be hear in september and gone in november. and here we are 50 years later. that's, i think, pretty amazing.

>> in his new book, "when they were boys," kane gives an exclusive behind the scenes look at the band's meteoric rise to fame and the key players behind that unprecedented success, like manager brian epstein .

>> the boys always look forward to their american tour.

>> when we got to america , it was like too big because all the music we loved came out of america .

>> critics credit the longevity of the beatles with their unmatched musicianship and, of course, the songwriting genius that was lennon and mccartney. 50 years and counting their music now inspiring a whole new generation. so it's safe to say you can't get enough of the beatles . when i met paul mccartney , i have a confession. i said to him, i might be the only person who loved you with wings more.

>> how did he take that?

>> he laughed, and then i sang for him, and he walked away from me.

>> so the wings comment was okay, but the singing was on.

>> he loved wings as well. it's a different part of his life.

>> keeping with the theme of clutzy we were on a second ago. remember earlier this year ringo starr tried to teach me to play the drums and gave up after 30 seconds and said, you should play the piano. no talent on the drums. exactly right.

>>> meanwhile, straight ahead, your life reimagined with our very good friend jane paul.

>>> and we'll check in with nascar great dale earnhardt jr . he's making a pitstop on