TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Train derails in Spain, killing at least 77

A high-speed train carrying around 247 people derailed just outside Santiago de Compostela, and some reports are saying it was traveling at twice the speed limit at the time of the accident. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> meantime, we're following breaking news in spain . new details on that passenger train derail many. tamron hall with the details.

>> breaking news in spain this morning, where a passenger train derailed, killing at least 77 people and injuring more than 140 others. investigators still trying to figure out how this happened. nbc's keir simmons is on the phone with the latest from santiago de composttela.

>> reporter: folks here are heart broken and shocked. if the numbers turn out to be accurate, then almost everyone on board the train was either killed or injured. reports say, among the passengers are two people from houston. the high speed train derailed, its cars overturned, with around 247 people on board. one passenger said it suddenly twisted at 9:00 p.m . local time . carriages piled up, smoke pouring from the wreckage, a deadly fire as people tried to escape. casualties were lifted through windows, carried away by first responders as through the night paramedics battled to help the injured. the bodies of those who didn't make it covered with blankets. relatives left in tears by the crash site. the train from the country's capital madrid, coming off the rails just outside the city of santiago de compostela in northern spain . all celebrations were cancelled, instead people gathered to donate blood. according to local hospitals, many of the dead have yet to be identified. some of the reports say the train was traveling at twice the speed limit , its cars derailing on a bend. so far, officials believe it was an accident, one of europe's worst ever train disasters. tamron of the americans thought to be passengers, one is said to be injured, we don't know how seriously. the other, thankfully, is reported to be okay, an incredible escape from this terrifying crash, tamron.