TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

Kate and Will reveal royal baby’s name

The new prince will be known as His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis, and is descended from a long line of British King George’s, including Queen Elizabeth II’s father George VI. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> now to the royal baby who now has a very regal name, his royal highness , prince george alexander louis of cambridge. this morning he's with his parents in his mother's hometown of buckleberry. nbc's michelle kosinski , good morning to you.

>> it only took a week to name prince phillip , a month to name prince charles , but two days to name prince george . that was the odds-on favorite here in england with history, of course, behind each of his names. 400-year-old bells rang out with the little prince formerly known as baby cambridge. now his royal highness george alexander louis .

>> we know that the subject that you're ringing for, or actually we're his subjects. he's actually going to be within earshot, hopefully asleep, and we won't wake him up.

>> george comes from a long lines of king georges. likely in several decades, he could be king george vii . george vi was a queen's father, well-known now from the king's speech. his father was the imposing george v. george iii lost the american colonies and lost his mental capacity as he aged. alexander might come from alexandra, one of the queen's names. louis is one of william 's. the world erupted with reaction, saying william and kate must love "seinfeld."

>> i declare this the summer of george .

>> george costanza , jason alexander , and julia louis -dreyfus, we assume, a coincidence. now one sleeps blissfully unaware, the future king in a commoner's home, tucked away in a postcard of an english village .

>> it's quite staggering actually, the royal couple and wee baby will be in very safe hands. it's nice for them to rest out here rather than the hurly-burly of the city of london .

>> reporter: george comes from greek. it means farmer, and here he is in this small farming community where william and kate have carved out another bubble for themselves of privacy. savannah?

>> michelle, thank you very much.