TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

5 tips for throwing a great garage sale

Rebecca Dolgin from The Nest explains how you can make your summer garage sale stand out by advertising, serving drinks and snacks, and offering some of the proceeds to your favorite charity.

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>>> whether you're looking to clear your home of clutter or cash in on your collectibles, you may be thinking about throwing a garage sale , but how do you stop traffic and rack up sales?

>> editor and chief of "the nest" has tips to guarantee success.

>> hey, rebecca.

>> how are you?

>> got to let people know you're having one of these garage sales.

>> get the word out.

>> flyers up?

>> flyers, signs, and really make it personal, make it funny, horder sale, something like that, to really attract people. online, facebook, twitter.

>> people do this every weekend, people actively go to these things shopping.

>> god, yes, absolutely, people find great things. you heard the story about the red paper clip , a guy got a house for a red paper clip . the things you can find.

>> you want to make your shoppers feel comfortable.

>> first thing is have snacks, have refreshments, have music in the background.

>> welcome to my garage, here's a cookie.

>> exactly, welcome, have a drink, have a lemonade. then what you want to do is have something for the younger guests, exactly.

>> while the parents are shopping.

>> exactly, parents can shop, kids can color, do whatever. as far as setting things up, what you want to do is organize it by category. you have your dishes in one place, music in another.

>> make it easy for people -- i'd go right to the music section.

>> exactly.

>> go over there, see what you want over there, old albums, birds are over there. another trick, too, is really about the pricing. a lot of these things you may feel like this is your album, it's very important to you.

>> i want these ten albums, are we bartering or do you have a set price?

>> i have a set price, but i'm open for bartering. make me an offer.

>> when something is sentimental to you sometimes you jack up the price and really for an average person, they are not interested.

>> not as valuable to them.

>> how do you know how to price things?

>> go with the numbers like a dollar, three dollars, five dollars. keep things under $10 and have a cheapie table, freebies.

>> anybody heard of highway 101 , anybody heard of this band?

>> exactly, that explains the price.

>> you give me $2 for this record.

>> exactly. have little things set up, freebies, gift with purchase. mimic things you see in stores, basically.

>> what about clothes? sometimes you see a beautiful thing but aren't sure.

>> wash them, dry clean them, but it's fine. people do consignment all the time, borrow clothes all the time, it's totally, totally fine and, in fact, it's a popular thing because a lot of people might not have things like albums and lamps.

>> do you have a better shot going later in the day?

>> i think earlier in the day is the best time to go. exactly, yep.

>> snacks are gone.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>>> i want to give a big thank you to carson daly .

>> thank you.

>> worked really hard this week.

>> i did not.

>> drank a lot. we had a great, great week. tomorrow, dean cain is going to fill in, you remember him from superman fame. we're going to have ambush makeovers, talk about how social media changes your relationship. who cares, all it is is about the great week we had.

>> appreciate it.

>> thanks a lot. see you tomorrow. have a good day.