TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Style for guys: Ditch those pleats, try fitted shirts

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas explains how men can give their stye a boost by wearing clothes that don’t have prominent logos visible, choosing a fitted look, and ditching pleats for a straight leg-style.

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>>> all right, time for today's style with bobby thomas. we are taking your man's look from good to so good.

>> as a guy, i can say not all of us are interested in a day-long makeover at the mall. we have a few pointers to do that.

>> today's style editor bobby thomas is here. she has some ideas. we like this segment.

>> carson , i promise, these are very small tweaks. let's get right to it.

>> phillip from albany.

>> he's wearing the classic guy look, baseball cap , t-shirt. i want to point out something right here and right here.

>> logos.

>> nix the names, guys. look when i show you the before and after, you will see it makes a big difference.

>> are you kidding me, bobby ?

>> it's less distracting.

>> it looks better?

>> less like a college frat boy.

>> more likely to get a date with a blue hat ?

>> women will think, i'm telling you, if you go to a job interview, you have to be careful.

>> you guys are weird.

>> carson , be nice to me. baxter is somebody i loved. he was playing with color, and he's doing something a lot of guys are asking about, rolling the hem of his pants. the only thing i wasn't sure about is i felt like the yellow sneakers were distracting. simplify your statement. making the shoe gray.

>> well done, bobby , well done. ankle is still tight.

>> i'm 0 for 2.

>> i don't roll like that, i'll tell you that.

>> next greg from texas. now his wife was in our last so good segment, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. greg has a great dad look. this is good, but i wanted to cut the sleeve and untuck the shirt.

>> bobby , you're the john madden of fashion.

>> and get rid of the pants and the shoes.

>> they are not dad pants, they are jeans.

>> when you see the before and after, he's hot under there, he just needs to show it off. bigger isn't better, guys.

>> he's jason stacom now.

>> exactly.

>> what a difference.

>> sneaker shoe and nicer cuff and untuck so it doesn't look like he has man boobs.

>> next.

>> somebody i want to encourage men out there, please say no to pleats, especially if you want to build your frame up to look taller. the pleats right here are cropping him and so is the shoe. so if you see the before and after and we put them in --

>> how many fingers does this guy have in his pockets?

>> see the difference in the flat front and it makes him look taller going with a navy shoe instead of the camel.

>> little nitpick.

>> i have a surprise for carson . you have completely thrown me, because you usually wear black all the time. look, you're always in black.

>> i like johnny cash .

>> look, you're wearing blue today. what i want to do is show you a potential look you're going to have fun with casually. i wish you could see more, denim shirt with a cool polka dot tie.

>> get out of the black? i like the black.

>> i think you should put the black away.

>> it meets everything south of the neck, which is what i'm into.

>> you gave me one of the best pieces of advice a long time ago when you were getting out of a relationship you said --

>> we're on the air, bobby .

>> you said, and don't worry, i'm not going to scare you. i said what advice would you give to other people and you said conquer solitude. and that was one of the best pieces of advice.

>> i was drunk.

>> you did. later after that --

>> that's awesome, you're a married woman . married woman .

>> bobby , thank you, sweetie.