TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

LOL! Naked baby runs for the ice cream truck

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Carson Daly laugh-worthy photos viewers sent in by viewers, including pics of a naked tot running for an ice cream truck and a dog taking a nap on a baby’s bottom.

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>> this week's top picks.

>> last week we didn't have a chance to show this picture, but it was on our facebook page. this was sent in and the winning caption is from rebecca childers, eat my dust, dad.

>> that's good, that's good.

>> how styling is that little monkey?

>> he's adorable.

>> so cute. we'll show next week's photo at the end.

>> he doesn't end up getting hit, does he?

>> this does end well, yeah. moving on to our first what the what photo. this is from kristen in birmingham, alabama. ice cream !

>> can i tell you --

>> perfect.

>> i remember being in my family's car when we were little kids and i could hear an ice cream truck , i could hear the bells. i opened the car door of a moving vehicle. i remember it.

>> he jumped out of the bath. look at the bubbles.

>> i totally get him, i feel him.

>> ice cream .

>> dina hill from battleground, washington, submitted this photo. hot soup is available in behind. this soup tastes funny.

>> i get it now.

>> we think they meant it differently.

>> we have to e-mail it to leno.

>> next up, photo from virginia. just in case you have an emergency and you need a juggler or magic trick , 24 hours , jonathan's your man.

>> if you're at a party at 3:00 in the morning and a juggler shows up, find the front door and leave. odds are, you're in miami, by the way. but if you need a juggler, there's your guy.

>> when do you ever call in services like that?

>> i've been to a party where he's showed up, let's move on.

>> finally this photo. okay. having skin problems, i have bad for you, son, we got 99 samples because an itch