TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Short, sweet, hilarious: Carson’s co-host highlights

From drinking shots to celebrate the royal baby to pushing Hoda across the studio on a sled, Carson Daly had plenty of funny moments during his brief stint as guest co-host of the Fourth Hour.

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>> are so sad that you're leaving that we decided to compile, even in this short little time , there is a best of, little best of segment from the week.

>> this ought to be quick, everybody.

>> monday and tuesday, two full days you clocked in on this show. let's see your minute.

>> this is embarrassing.

>> to the royal baby!

>> to your show, all you do is drink on it, what do you mean? it's only loosely tied to the fact we might have a royal baby in the next couple hours.

>> i win!

>> quite frankly, hoda, i could give a rat's.

>> guess who's going to be with me tomorrow, carson daly .

>> i didn't get fired yet?

>> come on, it's a boy! royal baby boy who will be king in 90 years. that was me when i left this show yesterday, by the way.

>> look at my face, i'm so excited.

>> he's making something.

>> the quadruple.

>> good night, america!

>> that is the face of a madman. i'm so embarrassed that barry manilow is 30 feet from me, had to witness that. that is so embarrassing. it will get better, sir.

>> our staff is very bummed that that's it, you're clocking in three days.

>> i want to say thank you to you and your very drunk staff for having me. i felt right at home.

>> i'm sure you did.

>> with all of you lushes. i mean, really, you guys have been awesome. thank you. i'll thank you again later.