TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Oops! Girl covers little brother in diaper cream

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Al Roker, along with Mel B., take a look at an adorable video showing a little girl, 3, caught after covering her 21-month-old brother from head to toe in diaper cream.

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>> you. this is a piece of video we have to show you at once. kid dos the incredible things. if you have a baby, if you have an older sibling with a little baby, i think you're going to relate to this video. this is a mother walking in on her three-year-old daughter and 21 month old son. what did you do. you are in huge trouble by the way. super big huge trouble. yeah, you are not supposed to do that, are you? are you okay bradley?

>> so the little girl said mom i was covering him in cream to protect him from the sun. the trouble is it was diaper cream.

>> on the upside, the kid made $20 as a mime.

>> my kid did crazy things too. my 14-year-old once shaved her entire two eyebrows off and we were going on holiday the next day so i had to draw her eyebrows in because i was going on holiday with my boyfriend's parents.

>> how old was she?

>> about three and a half. thank god she didn't cut herself.

>> you're lucky she did a clean save at three.

>> i know.

>> that's impressive.

>> we cutoff nikki's hair. when she was six -- nikki had a nice big afro. it was ugly.

>>> my son once ate diaper cream while i was changing his diaper and my wife is like i'm trying to work through this. i don't understand how this happened. did you not notice he had diaper cream in his mouth.

>> and you said, i had no answer.

>> how were you at putting the car seat in.

>> no good. backward the first