TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Giada, Bobby Flay share favorite salsa recipes

Chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay answer viewers’ cooking-related questions, including how to make their favorite salsas and the best fruit to add to summer salads.

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>>> and this morning we're spilling the beans with two of our favorite chefs, giada de laurentiis and bobby flay . they're here to answer your questions when it comes to cooking dilemmas. welcome back. we have a question. this is a tweet. she wants to know what is your favorite salsa recipe. why don't you start with this?

>> salsas are great in the summer because i like to use tomatoes. buy whatever kind you like. right now the ripe vine are awesome and then i do the tomatoes in here and cilantro or parsely, a little red pepper flakes. c chipotle and to sweeten it up, orange juice .

>> i like that.

>> yeah, have you tried that?

>> i haven't and tomatoes can always use a little sweetness to get the natural flavor of the tomato out. a lot of people put sugar in.

>> not so hip on sugar in my food.

>> i just put it all in the food processor and depending on how you like it. some people like it chunkier, you can just pulse it like that.

>> how do you use that?

>> okay. so i like to add it to pasta.

>> can i taste a little .

>> yeah.

>> you just want to taste the sal at a part.

>> go.

>> i just put it right over the pasta. it's a great salad. it can sit at room temperature and add meets or chicken or whatever or i marinate it with chicken thighs and add the remaining salsa on top.

>> let's give bobby a shot.

>> lime juice and honey. have ripe avocados and they look like green tomatoes but they're a little tart and sweet and red onions , green onions , cilantro and chiles. i like to put this on top of grilled chicken or fish. i'm watching giada make her fresh tomato salsa. this is the moment and time you should use fresh tomatoes.

>> i like both the recipes. they sound good. we have another question. this is from one of our visitors in the plaza. she says i like fruit in my salad, what's the best in summer and then what kind of dressing do you suggest with greens and fruit.

>> this is team work . bobby came up with with the dressing. i'm doing the salad.

>> i love arugala and i love peaches and cherries. they're rich and buttery.

>> beautiful too. gorgeous salad.

>> yeah and any fruit you want. i do that on top and crunch and hazel n haz hazelnuts.

>> what would you do for a dressing?

>> i make a simple citrus dressing, orange juice , lime juice and honey and fresh herbs. basil and also hint. i like to put it in a blender and just give it a whirl.

>> would this be a dressing for any kind of salad with fruit in it or did you taylor it because of the peaches and cherries.

>> anything for sure but i like the citrus waking up the fruits that giada is using. somebody does is salad and the dressing.

>> it could be any fruit though. it would work.

>> i want time for the last one. the happy family . how would you like to be the happie family. we need an icy beverage to serve with our dinners but they don't want a milkshakes.

>> i love watermelon juice. take fresh watermelon juice. a little bit of lime juice and this is from the giada loves to use. it's really good. a very little bit. just bring out the natural flavor of the watermelon juice itself. pour it over ice. the kids go to sleep you break out tequila and add this to it as well.

>> i do a little with basil and sugar and water. hello guys.

>> hey.

>> and lemon juice and sparkling water anded it to sweeten it up a little bit. that's it. pour it over ice. done.

>> fantastic. guys. good questions. good answers. as always. we had one family here. they're going to ask the question but we didn't have time. you can ask your question when we go to break. more of "today" right after your local news and weather.