TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence gets starstruck by Jeff Bridges

The Academy Award-winning actress got a case of nerves when she spotted veteran actor Jeff Bridges at Comic Con in San Diego.

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>> then trending on yahoo, they don't call her america's sweetheart for nothing, jennifer lawrence a star winning an oscar earlier this year starring in movies like the hunger games and x-men. when she spotted actor jeff bridges last week she couldn't help and couldn't resist going in. hi. i'm such a huge fan. oh my god. i'm so sorry. good to see you. i'm sorry for interrupting you.

>> she done breathe. it's adorable.

>> that's why people adore her.

>> on the other hand, she also will go like that with anybody because if you remember -- take a look at this.

>> oh, i remember. or not.

>> or not.

>> okay. never mind.

>> there it is.