TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

007 for babies! School trains prince-worthy nannies

Will and Kate may choose to bring up baby without a nanny, but the rigorously trained caretakers at one London academy are certainly up for the task. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> meantime as william and kate settle into their new roles as parents some people are wondering how much help are they going to have? for more on that, let's go back to natalie at kensington palace . natalie ?

>> well, matt, william and kate said they want to be hands on parents and so far they have only hired a housekeeper but with their travel and royal engagements no doubt they'll need some help, perhaps a modern day mary poppins . [ music playing ]

>> reporter: efficient, and slightly scary. well, okay so that's the movie. but the traditional english nanny has been at the heart of royal family life for generations. in queen elizabeth 's day, whether married or not, nanny's were addressed as mrs. in a show of respect. prince charles had two nannys, william and harry had three and kate didn't have one. today's royal couple is determined to do things differently.

>> they said we don't want to have huge amounts of people around us. we'd like to be hands on. william is taking paternity leave.

>> reporter: he plans to change diapers and help out. maybe using some of the domestic skills he learned at college. but if the cambridges do decide to hire a nanny, there's no better place to find one. blessed in their old fashioned uniforms, they're the closest thing a wealthy family can get to having their very own mary poppins . they learn traditional skills but don't be fooled. these 21st century super nannys get training in martial arts to fend off kidnappers and learn advanced driving skills to cope with dangerous weather conditions and dodge the paparazzi.

>>> we're creating the most prepared nanny that we can for the modern day family.

>> i think super nanny is the term or what would be in the job description, looking after royal baby cambridge. it can be more high profile.

>> but maybe, for the moment, william and kate will go it alone and be super parents themselves.

>> now until they decide on a nanny there will be no shortage of babysitter. prince and uncle harry and pippa and uncle james all met the new child and perhaps they can all take shifts.

>> natalie , meanwhile, you have been there long enough you're going to have to start paying taxes over there. we know you'll be making your way back to the states in the next day and we'll see you at the end of the week.

>> we'll see you at 9:00 too. thank you. you have been working tirelessly. so we wanted to give you some flowers. which we sent them fed-exyesterday. they're there.

>> wow.

>> so you're our little royal. we'll see you friday.

>> i didn't see this coming.

>> good, then it worked.

>> thank you guys. it's been a real pleasure. i've enjoyed every minute.

>> we'll see you in a few minutes at 9:00. coming up, bobby flay a.d