TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Royal baby has grandparents from 2 different worlds

TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports on the baby prince’s grandparents, contrasting his royal paternal grandfather Prince Charles and step-grandmother Camilla with his “commoner” maternal grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

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>> with the role and in influence the parents of the duke and duchess of cambridge will have on the new prince. natalie is live with us from kensingto kensi kensington palace , good morning again.

>> everybody was thinking about princess diana yesterday as william and kate walked down the step with their own bundle of b joy. she would have been just 52 years old. this is a child that will be loved and like any grandparents, these are grandparents that just want to spoil their new grandchild. with the queen as great grandmother and prince charles , the future king as grandfather, this will be a very special child. prince charles has already said he'll play his part in making the world a better place.

>> i don't want to be confronted then why don't you do something.

>> camilla has grand children of her own from her first marriage and she says the baby is wonderful for charles and he's brilliant with children. well, maybe not all. but william will make sure there will be a diana influence. carol middleton will be the grandmother in chief, though and the one kate may rely on for help in raising the royal heir. carol's closeness to kate never more so than now. kate reportedly spending the weeks before the birth with her family. here is baby kate with her grandmother, carol's mother. a coal miner's granddaughter. carol has been a hands on mother to kate and sister pippa growing up.

>> she is very close to all her children but kate being the married daughter, she is very close to her.

>> reporter: her qualities have not gone unnoticed in royal circles.

>> from what i've seen, she is a highly sensible young lady and she has got this thing that i admire which is a sense of responsibility without acting it. it's in there. and i think it's a wonderful match.

>> reporter: kingdoms are passed down from generation to generation along with the crowns and the jewels. but from humble roots, carol middleon t middleton will be an influence on the future king.

>> while kate 's mother will be very much a helping hand royal experts believe carol and kate will be encouraged to let traditional nannys help out, especially as they have more and more royal engagements.

>> thank you, camilla is a