TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Royal expert: Expect ‘a lot of trips to Bucklebury’

Camilla Tominey, an NBC royal contributor, and Stig Abell, a former media advisor to Clarence House, discuss the baby prince’s very different maternal and paternal grandparents, suggesting the Middletons will be “instrumental” in the future king’s upbringing.

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>> royal expert. i want to say good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> camilla , let me start with you. we've seen the piece on the very different grandparents, the royals and the commoners. is that going to create a balance or conflict?

>> that's the question on everyone's lips, matt. is this baby going to be more cambridge or middleton. carol middleton has a key role to play here. she doesn't face any competition in the absence of princess diana and as the mother of the daughter of this child that's going to take a firm lead in the up bringing carol will be instrumental. prince charles was a voting father. he didn't get the credit he deserved when william and harry were being brought up. that went to diana. but he's going to be there and kate is going to be leaning increasingly on her parents. william calls michael dad. he'll want the child to be brought up there too. there will be a lot of trips to bucklebury.

>> camilla makes it sound like all woodstocky and everything, everybody is going to get along. but when a grandchild is born there's a natural tug of war between the grandparent's families. can the middletons compete with the windsors?

>> they can. it's worth remember that kate went to a very, very posh public school in this country where she moved around with lots of very wealthy aristocratic people. so i think you can overstate the difference between the two families but there won't be a lot of tug because kate will have the ability of her child to go regularly home to see mom and i think the palace will have learned the lesson of the diana experience and will have to work around that.

>> and camilla , how long is it going to last over there in terms of the media crush surrounding this family, this young couple and their baby? is there going to be press out there on the one week anniversary of his birth? on the two week anniversary? when do they disperse?

>> well, how long is a piece of string, matt? there's still a great appetite for this story. we have crowds of people outside buckingham palace today. long may that continue. they all want a look at the birth announcement. let's hope we do get the baby's first steps and the baby's first day at school. i think the couple respect while it's a private cherished moment for them they understand the world wants a piece of it and the press will be at least close. perhaps not on top of them for the first couple of weeks but will be watching as you well know.

>> maybe at arms length. thank you guys very much.

>> i was going to give you an answer. 18 years old.

>> until the bill boy is an adult.