TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

ZZZZZ: Airplane passenger sleeps in seatmate’s lap

In this trending video on YouTube, a man chronicles his awkward airplane flight after the passenger next to him falls asleep right in his lap.

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>>> that's taken off on youtube. after watching, you may consider a first class ticket if you can. this guy gets stuck next to a drowsy seatmate. this person falls asleep in his lap. he says he tried everything to wake her up. look at his expression, but spent most of the flight in that position.

>> you have to watch the whole video. he tries to gently nudge her.

>> yeah, he does.

>> but at the end she leans up straight and then she leans over and falls asleep in the other guys lap.

>> equal opportunity.

>> exactly right.

>> he's lucky she didn't drool.

>> i sat next to a guy snoring so loud and i did the wife nudge to someone else's husband. i couldn't take it. it happens.

>> other people just film it.