TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Vatican: No schedule changes after pope’s car mobbed

The Vatican says security is reviewed on a daily basis while the pope is on his first trip abroad in Brazil, and despite being unnerved by the mob that surrounded the pope’s car yesterday, they will not be making changes to his schedule. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> shocks continue but they are satisfied with security efforts after pope francis 's motorcade was swarmed by thousands of faithful on monday. ann thompson is there with the latest. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, tamron. today pope francis goes to brazil's largest and most important. earlier this week authorities discovered a crude homemade pipe bomb on that complex as security concerns continue to compete with the spiritual nature of the pope's first overseas trip. world youth day is underway. opening with a mass on the beach. but everyone is still talking about the pope's wild ride into rio.

>> you see a woman reach out and hand him a baby. what if she wasn't handing him a baby. what if it was an explosive device.

>> as it does on every papal trip security is reviewed every day.

>> the upset some people experienced was not his.

>> reporter: he said it unnerved everyone except pope francis .

>> the pope was extremely happy. in fact, he didn't close the window of the car. he had his arms out the window reaching out to everybody.

>> reporter: world youth day is an international festival. 170 countries represented. part revival, part rock concert .

>> like a bunch of your favorite bands. you meet them all at once.

>> reporter: now lead by a media savvy poke reaching out to the young to build the future of the catholic church .

>> when you interact with the pope you're interacting with jesus on earth.

>> reporter: now despite the misgivings of security experts the vatican says this pope is not going to change his style. he feels right at home and he is going to continue to be informal and approachable. tamron.

>>> ann, thank you very much.