TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Brzezinski: What Huma Abedin did is ‘extraordinary’

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” discuss the latest development in Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal. Scarborough says, “in the end it’s not about the scandal, it’s about competence” as potential mayor, as Brzezinski comments on Weiner’s wife’s statement about his infidelity.

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>>> host of morning joe on nbc, good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> joe , let me ask you, are you shocked or not shocked by all of this?

>> shocked. i mean, come on. we now officially live in the age of bill clinton where you can survive a scandal. you look at president bill clinton , you look at eliot eliot spitzer . it's not about the scandal, it's about competence and the question is can these people do their jobs. spitzer can do his job. he's going to win. mark samford was more equipped when you look at the issues and the debates. south carolina elected him.

>> joe you're talking about second chances. this is anthony weiner essentially asking for a third chance. he said yesterday i told the voters other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. that defense sounds to me like hey, voters, you were warned.

>> let's say he is the chuck jag yager of sex scandals . nobody has ever been here before but what will be his undoing, savannah, the longer we go out from this point and press conference we'll look at the time line and realize what he was doing and what he was saying publicly while he was having the people magazine articles written about the new anthony weiner and also when you look at the new york times magazine cover, we supposedly got a new and improved anthony weiner . it is now obvious a different person was carlos danger.

>> the name he went by. i want to ask you about huma abedin . she is asking voters to make a distinction between the personal and political saying she has forgiven him but hasn't she herself blurred that line now by putting herself into the campaign? she is in the campaign videos and she spoke yesterday at the news conference.

>> what she did yesterday was extraordinary. i've never seen anything like it before in my life. we have seen political wives standing by their man but this was different. what she did was step in and step up for a man that has disgraced her with behavior that is not in the realm of normal acceptance. cheating has been accepting, adultery has been accepted and there's arrogant political figures lifted up even after disgracing their family with adultery. this is different. online sexting and the conversations that anthony weiner allegedly had put her in an incredibly awkward position. she stepped up and faced the cameras. it was hard to watch. if he succeeds, savannah, it will be because she lifted him out of the political sewer and put him on the shelf next to arrogant politicians that have the lack of politiciato look at what they have done and think they can do whatever they want.

>> lightning round for you. yes or no or something like it. do you expect more revelations of this type.

>> i don't know. i would expect probably. yeah. i think he can't help himself.

>> do you think there's any chance, joe , that he drops out of this race.

>> absolutely, none.

>> okay. do you think there's any chance he can win.

>> i do. i think his wife is the key here and his wife has learned from the master, hilary clinton , her boss.

>> always good to get the two of you together and get your opinion.