TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

DIY: Turn junk into lamps, tables, mirrors and more

Brian Kelsey, a licensed contractor, shows TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Carson Daly how to turn old junk into useful household items.

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>>> all right, everybody. grab your tool box . whether you're got junk laying around in your house or you're ah-hah bit ul dumpst dumpster diver , we'll show you how to give that a new step.

>> here is brian kelsey , licensed contractor, host of "kelsey on the house" premiering on this season's coz itv.

>> you guys have probably jumped in some dumpsters now and again. but these projects are very easy to do yourself. you can make a lamp out of anything literally. i've seen boots, shoes, you've seen from christmas story -- remember the big leg? i chose wine and beer.

>> of course you did.

>> starts with a glass bottle . you need to drill a hole in the bottle first. to do that, you need a glass cutting bit so it doesn't shatter. drill it through, pull your wire through.

>> you have to drink the wine first.

>> i spent all day long yesterday drinking this.

>> that's why you're good at what you do.

>> well, not feeling so well now. best part, this comes with a little cork. the cork is what holds the wire in there and you tighten it down there really good, tight. then you start to build the lamp.

>> are these hard to find?

>> i got all this at home depot . one little kit, build it from there. boom, boom, boom.

>> that easy, huh?

>> is there a problem because the heat and this glass .

>> no. there's not much heat.

>> this is a mini keg.

>> i like the booze theme.

>> this is my personal favorite. antique doors have so much character and you can build anything out of them. headboards, tables. down here i made a coffee table.

>> that's awesome looking. this is like something you would find on the side of the road . just cut it to your coffee table shape.

>> the first thing you have to do is get legs. i bought these legs online. these are just -- i think these were like $49 a pair. this is how it makes it so easy.

>> get in there.

>> i've already predrilled the holes. you have to. otherwise you won't get through this. this is solid walnut.

>> is mine predrilled, too.

>> put a little strength into it, mama.

>> i'm trying. this is fun.

>> you build your legs here.

>> then you flip it over.

>> look at this. come on.

>> i am not handy.

>> the key to making it look nice is a little shellac. you clean this off. shellac dries --

>> clean how?

>> just soap and water.

>> you ever play this game with your kind ever go like this --

>> stop it.

>> look how much that cleans it up.

>> wow. this is the shellac.

>> how many coats do you do?

>> i just put one on that. then you go and you have the glass cutter cut a piece of glass --

>> is that it?

>> what's the total cost.

>> this would probably be about $60.

>> gorgeous.

>> finally this again, one of my favorites. that's actually my personal one but --

>> i'm not going to walk out of here with it.

>> this is another great idea. people are giving away windows. old windows. they are -- nobody wants them. so what we can do is to make an actual mirror out of one. we don't need to drill for this. what we need to do is replace the glass with actual mirror. the first thing you do. i've replaced these two here. go through here and all along this. take out this had putty.

>> this requires some skill but nothing crazy.

>> get in there, hoda. let's see what you got.

>> pop the putty. just like picking your teeth.

>> what?

>> are you trying to resurrect the same piece of glass or just get it out?

>> why don't you just --

>> you could but --

>> okay.

>> once you are done, then clean this out here, you'll bring this to the glass company, to the glass store, they will put piece for you, pop it in.

>> perfect. thank you so much