TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Dig in: Make scrumptious summer stack pies

Melissa Clark of the New York Times explains how to whip together a lemon and blueberry stack pie for your next summer gathering.

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>>> it is time to head into today's kitchen for a delicious dessert. we are stacking up pies.

>> i love it. now can you have a taste of everything based on a southern tradition stack pies are back in vogue. "the new york times" best appetite columnist melissa clark is here to help us stack some pies.

>> genius.

>> this was not my idea. this is something traditional from the '30s in the south. mountains of north carolina , you take a pie, stack another one on top, then another one on top and you take it to the party. i'm going to make a blueberry pie and lemon pie , then stack them up. we want to cook our blueberries. cup of blueberries in here, lemon juice , a little sugar and a little tapioca. that's the thickener. let that cook for about two minutes. also over here, little parchment paper . homemade pie crust . that's bake off really well. you want it sturdy when you put the stuff in it. parchment paper on the bottom so it doesn't scoop. here's the blueberry goop. mix that with fresh blueberries.

>> eggs and a whisk.

>> that's what you're supposed to do!

>> dump it in. that's the blueberry pie with lemon zest , sugar and a little bit of salt.

>> it's all on our website.

>> you take fresh lemon zest , lemon section, put it in the food processor .

>> are you doing these strategically blueberry and lem ton stack these two?

>> yes. you want flavors that go well together. you need the sugar for the lemon.

>> just dump it in?

>> great. that's corn starch to make it thick. pinch of salt. turn it on. that's melted butter. add that in a second. just put it right through there for me. there is goes. that goes in the same thing in a prebaked crust. you can bake them at the same time. that one goes for an hour, this goes for 30 minutes .

>> he's very anxious for the next part.

>> come taste! this is the best part. remember the blueberry pie and lemon pie ?

>> how do you stack it.

>> just give me something to put in my mouth. i'm ready to go.

>> put this pie on that one.

>> under.

>> i got it.

>> i'm going to help you -- one, two, three. chocolate fudge on the bottom, pecan on top.

>> is there a bad combination?

>> there is. you got to mix it up, sweet and salty.

>> what's the tloilimit to stacking? why not three or four?

>> right here. your dream has come true. start tasting it and tell me what you think.

>> i can tell you it is going to be amazing.

>> what's in carson's stack .

>> a heart attack.

>> no, it's beautiful. on the bottom we have a chocolate -- these we bought from four and 20 black birds in brooklyn. you can buy three amazing pies. if you stack them up like this, it is a homemade dessert. this is perfect for people who love really sweet things like me, for example. fudge on the bottom. fudge pie, like a brownie, pecan on top.

>> my god! what are you doing!

>> go for it!

>> this is the quadruple.

>> this is the grandmother of