TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Don’t be intimidated by crazy gym equipment

Jaclyn Emerick of Self magazine demonstrates a few unique exercise moves you can do with equipment like a plyometric box and a balance disc.

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>>> going to a gym can be intimidating enough, especially if you haven't been there a while so we're going to help you face your fears. sometimes you see these crazy looking pieces of equipment and you got to figure out how to use them.

>> sometimes you just ate like four pies and you see this equipment in the gym and you are like, what am i doing here?

>> jacqueline, fitness editor for "self" magazine, thank you.

>> i'm going to help you not be intimidated.

>> how about these steps. these look like they're not even pieces of gym equipment.

>> this is a playo box. those are explosive jumping moves that help you burn ten calories a minute. best thing on these is box jump. swing the arms back, jump up, both feet up, then you stand up, then back down. if that's scary for you, step up, then jump down.

>> how many of the explosive jumps can you do in a minute?

>> i can do a thousand. you want to start out with 15 reps, then take a break.

>> are they all this high?

>> they start at about six inches an they go up to three feet. if you're brand-new --

>> can you ever just do this?

>> after you've done your three sets you can do that.

>> these are balance disks. these throw your body off balance which recruits more muscles to help you stabilize. a lot of moves you can do standing up. you'll stack your feet up on this like you would coming into a side plank.

>> pretend your feet are pies and stack them.

>> raise that top arm, squeeze and scoop that arm.

>> you can also dip the had hip to the floor here on just hold that side.

>> you need that elevation on your feet though a little bit.

>> it is going to keep you a little bit off balance which requires you to engage more muscles.

>> these are dyna max balls. they are weighted balls.

>> big balls . what do you do?

>> play catch. if you're at gym with a friend.

>> hoda, catch!

>> you squat and toss it to your friend. squad, hoda. that squat works your butt, your legs an arms when you throw it. don't rip the suit.

>> ready? one, two, three, go? okay, now we're talking.

>> come show us this last one.

>> this one looks scary --

>> this is if you're a dog sledder and you want some good training.

>> hoda, sit there on this side. you're going to grab it and just push it. deep lunge.

>> open that door, i'm going. i'm going to 6f.

>> this by --

>> this sled was furnished by body space fitness. good luck.

>> tonight, america!

>> i can't believe you pushed 148-plus.

>> i was headed toward the pies.

>> you guys, thank you so much. we want to again think our great guests and also -- you know what? that sled. that was one heck of a sled.

>> tomorrow we'll have some fun guests. guess who is joining us?

>> who?

>> barry manilow .

>> oh, my gosh, legend. and in honor of men everywhere, bob