TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Brrr! Sara mixes up drinks ice-bar style

TODAY’s Sara Haines escapes the summer heat with a trip to one of the coolest places she could find --  Orlando’s Ice Bar, where she chilled out mixing a few drinks and getting a lesson in ice sculptures.

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>>> for decades ice bars have been hot overseas. now those frozen pops seem to be popping up all over the states.

>> ice bar orlando is the largest permanent ice bar in the world made from more than 50 tons of ice and kept at below freezing temps. clearly i was in for a very different kind of florida getaway.

>> reporter: the sun, the surf, the sand, and right in the middle of the sweltering heat -- an ice bar . that's more like it. everything in here is ice. how do you keep that in that form?

>> you're actually sitting in a giant freezer.

>> do you get a unique group of people wanting to work here?

>> we have had some people who came in and said, i'm dying to be your ice bar bartender. and they last about 25 minutes and go, okay, i'm just dying.

>> reporter: on to a carving lesson with joe, the sculptor behind all of the ice bar art.

>> go ahead and -- not like that! i'm just kidding.

>> i got it. woo!

>> reporter: joe had one more trick up his sleeve.

>> hoda's hair looks really good. i feel right at home now. i've got my girls. need a drink. bartender. i was ready to mix things up ice bar style.

>> two glasses. yep. check. did that. you know how much to do, right? you going low or high.

>> high, high, high. cheers!

>> cheers.

>> oh, my gosh, that tastes just like root beer .

>> it is. it is dangerous.

>> oh, this is going to be a long night. welcome to our freezer! hi, guys, welcome to the ice bar . i have some drinks picked out for you. this is called the cream sickle. cream and sickle. i'm going to make this really strong because you look like you need a drink. it didn't take long for me to heat this place up. here we go.

>> thank you.

>> that will warm you up on the inside.

>> this is a peachy princess. it looks right up your alley, sir. whoa. lot of peach in there. not so much princess. who's up next? i like it alcohol with a splash of mixer.

>> good job!

>> reporter: finally, i found some florida warmth. time to defrost. that's cold. speaking of defrosting, i tried to bring back the ice sculptures but this is as far as i got. don't drink that all in one sitting, carson.

>> the glasses were made of ice?

>> all made of ice. one- time use .

>> which one was hoda?

>> the one with the really great hair.

>>> checking out that weird looking equipment in the gym? but