TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Mel B: Howard Stern is my ‘cuddly teddy bear’

Singer Mel B, a new judge on the upcoming season of NBC’s “Americas Got Talent”, discusses her cast members, specifically Howard Stern, whom she calls a sweet guy with teddy bear qualities.

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>>> all right, america's got talent airs live tonight.

>> there's no warning, no bump-in.

>> the countdown from radio city music hall right across the street. 60 contestants vie for the $1 million prize.

>>> mel b. 6 spice girls fame is one of the judges on the show. she's certainly gotten an eye full and earful from cop testants, both great and small.

>> hello, dear. how are you?

>> now this little girl was shockingly -- she was just shocking.

>> i have a question about this little girl . did you love her?

>> she actually frightened me a little bit. she did frighten me.

>> did you vote for had he or against her.

>> i said no.

>> what's it like --

>> it's always hard are to say no to kids.

>> what is it like when you look at that young girl 's face and say huh-uh to her.

>> i know there is a genre of music that's really popular but that's just not my cup of tea .

>> you would be terrified to run into her in the hallways --

>> screaming at me. yeah, she was rocking out.

>> two of your guys, nick canon and howie mandel are very busy this morning.

>> that's the worst place for a german folk like howie mandel to ring -- a germophobe.

>> how is it like working with that zpru.

>> we have a lot of fun especially when the cameras are off.

>> some of those acts are freaky. like you see the singers and you think they're very cool. there are those weirdos --

>> this was fun, the big line dance .

>> then we said no to the guy.

>> watching howard dance.

>> howard is the best on the show.

>> what do you mean, he is the best?

>> just in general terms.

>> what?

>> he's a great addition to the show.

>> is he actually a very funny and sweet guy. very sweet. i call him my cuddly tedy bear. he doesn't like that though.

>> not at all. do your kids watch the show?

>> they love it. they particularly like the dancing acts.

>> do they want to get in show business , your kids?

>> no.

>> do you discourage them?

>> yes. you can be a doctor or lawyer, that's it. choose one. no, i'm joking! i'm joking.

>> when your kids watch "america's got talent" and they see the guy whose swallow the swords, some acts are cringe worthy just for grown-ups.

>> they know it is entertaining to watch. they're not going to try this at home.

>> you know what? i'm sorry.

>> who would be a great vegas act? is it a magician? a singer?

>> i think any of these acts can go ahead and win it. you can be a magician, you can and great singer, dancer, anything. as long as you'ren entertaining.

>> have fun tonight. enjoy yourself.