TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

3 affordable ways to dress like a celeb

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows you how to deck out your wardrobe with celebrity looks from Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Miranda Kerr. Find out how to snag chic dresses, jackets and jewelry for less than $300 in total cost.

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>>> we're back with more on this booze day tuesday. carson daly is helping me out while kathie lee is away for a while.

>> look at my face. i'm so excited. "today" contributor and contributing editor for people "style watch" jill martin is here to help you shop like the stars.

>> we can look like the stars?

>> we can look like the stars for less. i think all of these items are a way to incorporate into your summer and fall wardrobe without sort of breaking the bank so some of these things may be for you.

>> jessica alba is our first up. take a look at --

>> is she here?

>> no. that's a photo. we don't have them coming here. tell us about this outfit.

>> i'm going to make a lame joke. she spends a lot of cash. just her shoes, $775. let's bring out danielle. her entire outfit is $277.

>> she looks just like jessica alba !

>> she does. better.

>> this whole outfit cost as much as one jessica alba shoe.

>> these pumps are $90 as opposed to the $775. we love these pants. statement pants are huge for summer. going into fall. $19.18 by forever 21 . the faux leather jack , $79.99.

>> i am so buying this outfit. you look awesome.

>> statement pants are really the craze.

>> come out, jo ann. you look perfect.

>> we're going to call you up for the next segment, too.

>>> next up, the beautiful eva longoria rocking her great maxi dress.

>> she looks a lot like her. what's so expensive about that?

>> just her coach bag is $348. her entire outfit here, $248.93. we love a maxi dress here because it is kind of forgiving depending on where you're sort of -- the bag is $89. available at macy's. the maxi dress, $77.99, great for summer, also going into fall just to throw over. we love maxi dresses, just throw over a cardigan. jewelry is $32. my jewel candy. the point is don't splurge on more than one item especially when it is trendy or not going to take you from season to season. the statement jewelry, $32.

>> good one. that was excellent. last up, miranda kerr . you awake? stay with me. miranda kerr . this is her look. how much is this look.

>> miranda -- just her bag, stella mccartney , $2,995. becka's total look, $238.99. this top $69.50 from zappo's. pattern top, keep a solid pant. ann taylor . the heels $69.99 available at kohl's.

>> miranda kerr had $3,000 worth of stuff. bec becka's sporting just --

>> the whole thing just under $260. you get a lot from this.

>> i'm all for the knock-off. you achieve the look and don't have to pay the price.

>> let's bring all of our models out. thanks, guys.