TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Hoda: Duchess Kate should name royal baby Michael

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Caron Daly celebrate Prince William and Duchess Kate’s new son with a table full of shots (again) and guess what the child’s name will be.

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>>> come on, it's a boy!

>> oh, it's a boy! it's a boy!

>> it's a boy, everybody!

>> it's a boy!

>> it's a royal baby boy who will be king in 90 years.

>> congratulations to william and kate . we thought it would happen on our show. it did not. it did hant until later in the afternoon but we do know it is a boy. everyone's eyes are trained on this door because we want to see that baby. kate and william are supposed to come just like his mom before him did and his father when he was a newborn.

>> didn't they walk out with princess diwi when they were leaving?

>> i think they come out when they're leaving.

>> they are going to bring the baby out any second?

>> i don't think so. somebody told me her hair stylist went in to do her hair. that will make you think kate will be coming out soon.

>> i was right. i predicted that it was going to be a boy.

>> yes, you did.

>> i would love to say i was waiting for the moment to happen. i wanted the moment when the baby came out but i was passed out in my hotel room because hoda made me drink four shots of crown royal . so i came of came to somewhere around 4:30 and on nbc , that's what i was watching. it wasn't cnn, it was nbc news. it's a boy. it's a boy. oh, no, i was passed out during the royal baby birth .

>> did you miss this guy, the town crier? who was this guy. he stood up in front of the hospital. i thought he was like an official royal guy.

>> this is tony appleton. that was me when i left the show yesterday. i was just running around new york city , had hello! it's noon, and i'm drunk! so this guy's not sanctioned by buckingham palace . he's not sanctioned by the uk.

>> no, he is not. he is just out there. he captured the a --

>> who is the guy?

>> he's the town crier.

>> if that happened in new york city he was arrested had in two seconds.

>> he made "nightly news." that guy was on everywhere. because the way they do it with the old-fashioned way, the piece of paper and the easel, it just doesn't have any punch. it is very subdued and beautiful, but yet nothing.

>> so you get the town drunk to come out and ring some bells?

>> the baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces. we don't know the name yet.

>> the odds-on vegas favorite is james , i believe. if you're going to opine for answers, i don't know.

>> i'm going with michael .

>> michael ? that's the least royal name of all time. i'm going with it is definitely not going to be mike. his name's mike.

>> michael . michael is kate 's dad.

>> james , george. the deal with the name is this. william 's got a very long name. i don't know what it is but all these -- the speculation about the name, they are he's just going to string them all together so it will be garbaeorge, james , alexander -- maybe they'll throw spencer in there.

>> you know what else had had a baby yesterday? p penelope cruz . she had a baby the same day. oh, the middletons are arriving! look what's happening live on our program. that's her mom and dad and there they go.

>> i see they're not bearing gifts of any kind.

>> that was pretty much it.

>> they could have brought a pie or something. some flowers. crown royal ?

>> this little baby shares a birthday with alex trebek .

>> okay. sorry.

>> selena gomez . david spade . danny glover . bob dole .

>> okay. you're a little ahead there.

>> it was a really beautiful day . i'm glad the baby is healthy. we'll find a little bit more. you made a special drink to celebrate.

>> i did. i'm a big fan of the bloody mary . on the set of "the voice" my trailer is strategically placed close to blake shelton because when i run out of vodka i just knock on his door. i love to make blood marys for the cast and crew.

>> it's really spicy.

>> i like cheap liquor store ice because it melts better. it is strong. it is a lot of vodka. then it's just some mix and your basic. wo i use mr. and mrs. ts. wo worcester shishire is important. beef jerky and cheese.

>> ooh!

>> you got to build a good bloody mary .

>> that has a lot of tabasco or something hot.

>> there is. don't be a wimp, hoda.

>> i had to do -- i did watch what happens live.

>> it is a crazy show.

>> with andy cohen . it starts at 11:00 p.m . i found the one person on the planet who had no idea that there was a baby born . not andy because aen zi very clued in. watch the top of the show.

>> kept up, i got the role, i got the role.

>> tamara -- she had no clue that there was a baby born .

>> who is that woman?

>> from "the real housewives of the o.c."

>> well, that makes sense.

>> she had no clue at all. to make me feel at home, they had a cut-out kathie lee who was acting as the bartender.

>> hoda phone, here comes the judge. it's watch what happens live with mrs. eddie judge and hoda kotb now.

>> there's kath.

>> was that fun?

>> it's like a tiny little clubhouse. probably like 15 chairs. they did this segment called " studio 1 -hey." they had you talk about each person on the thing.

>> what did you say?

>> i'm not even --

>> come on. they brought up names?

>> they bring it out. they --

>> what did you say for matt lauer ?

>> i said the word -- i said jewels.

>> okay. what did you say for al roeker?

>> no, i'm not going to say.

>> why?

>> because it was late at night when no one's supposed to be watching.

>> you see she went for her drink? these defense mechanism number one. i don't know, i'm not going to say anything. oh, i don't know.

>> but anyway --

>> that means they're hiding something. what was your name for al roker ?

>> no! have you ever gotten up the morning after something and go, oh, god.

>> i did this morning! did you watch the show yesterday? i worked so hard to bridge the gap between nbc and entertainment news with five shots of crown royal waiting for that baby to come out.

>> you totally tanked it.

>> yesterday geraldo rivera did that selfie. he took a picture of himself practically naked with just a towel.

>>> i just don't get -- favre, i don't get these older guys taking pictures. he looks great from the neck down, i guess. what did you think?

>> i thought he looked good for 70.

>> that's what he wrote. he wrote 70 is the new 50.

>> i know.

>> then his wife came and tweeted something immediately after that was very, very apologetic for her husband's behavior.

>> and he apologized. he said he shouldn't be tweeting after 1:00 in the morning.

>> naked pick tuesday of geraldo rivera showing up on your doorstep. thoughts now going through their mind. number ten -- does this mean he's running for office. number nine -- at least he kept his mustache on. number eight, the mayans were only a year off. number two -- i'd tap that martha stewart only. and the number one thought goes to people's thoughts upon seeing this photo --

>> oh, my god. do you do selfies?

>> no, not at all. i just did one a minute ago. i don't get that generation. i don't get it. the sense of entitlement for everybody to constantly be telling everybody what they're doing. you have to assume that people really care what you're doing at all hours of the day. it seems a little bit much to me. sort of fight for my privacy so i'm not into it. and there you go, geraldo is an example of someone i thought should be thrown off the roof of their house. he and justin bieber. i think they should start taking celebrities' phones away from them.

>> don't you think twitter is one of those things, are you angry, upset, you are feeling that way and in that second you can watch your whole career go up in flames.

>> there are a lot of celebrities who are quick to go to twitter to say on the private jet , like have to wait two hours on the runway thonon this g-4. they make it sound like something we can all --

>> or they retweet really great compliments about them. did you that yesterday on the show.

>> i did? what did i say? that's not true.

>> favorite things. have you an iphone . okay? iphones are great but one thing that's not great about them is the battery just sometimes dies so quickly.

>>> a lot of people leave a lot of their apps open. they don't realize. there is a way to close them out to save some battery life . but for those of us who travel a lot. i'm not endorsed by this company at all. basically it is the size of a normal iphone case. it is called a mofi. if you keep it there, see it will light up. when my iphone goes dead, i just flip the switch and this automatically charges it. it is basically -- like two days worth of iphone . super light. it's less than $100.

>> you charge that with a blackberry charger, don't you?

>> this comes apart right here. you just throw your iphone in like that. then you would just snap it in.

>> is it expensive?

>> there's different ones. it is around $100.

>> can we show them?

>> we showed them yesterday.

>> look how cute his screaver -- oh.

>> that's all you get.

>> if you want a quick page turner, there is a good book called " bad monkey ." it is one of those books you buy, you'll hop on the plane.

>> give me the ten seconds synopsis.

>> it is a mystery, a murder --

>> is it really about a monkey?

>> yeah. there is a monkey in there that they say comes from one of johnny depp 's movies. it is very clever. it is a great quick read. sara, what do you have?

>> i have this kwun gafun game, an app called heads up. you've played games like this where you have to act out or --

>> she loves geraldo. she --

>> we just said her name.

>> martha stewart .

>> yes, next.

>> he's got a sister that's named maggie still in the business.

>> jake gyllenhaal .

>> she makes purses and bags.

>> i have no idea.

>> tory burch.

>> the woman that just had the baby.

>> sounds like david --

>> how about first name. she just had a baby. spade. kate spade !

>> yes, that's it!

>> that was so executing!