TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Princess Diana’s bittersweet legacy lives on

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including how “bittersweet” the birth of the new heir must be for Prince William given the loss of his mother, Diana. William and Duchess Catherine are expected to present their baby boy on the same hospital steps where Diana introduced William to the world.

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>> it's a 62 gun salute .

>> we're not going to wait for all 62 guns.

>> we're going to hear a few of them.

>> to celebrate the birth of the royal baby. 21 rounds to represent a member of the royal family . 20 rounds to represent it being at a royal location and 21 rounds for the tower of london . 62 gun salute there.

>> i can tell you, one of the most spectacular things being on the tower bridge and being at the tower of london when we were there for the olympics.

>> london is a great place. the culture, the people, everything.

>> it's like 400 years old.

>> it's great history.

>> there's another salute going on if we can take a look, this is green park , 41 gun salute here. 21 rounds to represent a member of the royal family and 20 rounds to represent it being at a royal park . all in celebration of the royal baby.

>> we should do some here.

>> yeah, we should.

>> everybody's hyped up about it here in the state. we should.

>> just cap a couple off into the air? see what happens.

>> i don't know. maybe you might want to phrase it differently.

>> pop a cap -- bust a cap. bust a cap in the air.

>> we only went downhill in the first minute 30. started nicely.

>> tradition.

>> we took it there.

>> i'm willie geist along with al roker .

>> you know one's not right.

>> current america's got talent judge mel b. is in this week. america's got talent begins live shows tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. are you feeling good about what we're going to see tonight?

>> i'm excited and nervous.

>> because it's live. yeah, we have 60 acts. a full on show. very exciting.

>> 60 acts?

>> a lot can go wrong.

>> a lot can go wrong as you can see here if the first two minutes.

>> right.

>> we've got a big one. it's going to be huge tonight.

>> you kind of tipped earlier what the opening is going to be.

>> i know but thankfully the rockets have already been announced. so i didn't get myself into too much trouble there.

>> not too much of a surprise after all.

>> no, it's not.

>> but they're all dressed as a royal baby.

>> no they're not.

>> they're all wearing diapers. it's fantastic.

>> now al, we have a special surprise coming up for you at the end of the block. remember how much we loved the golden easel yesterday? we may or may not have our own golden easel.

>> that's not much of a surprise.

>> i said may not. could be something else all together.

>> wow, you just busted another cap.

>> let's go to natalie shall we? she can bail us out of all of this. she is still outside st. mary's hospital. natalie , we're expecting to see william and catherine and the new baby this morning.

>> we're not expecting that.

>> we hope.

>> that's right. we're all waiting for the royal debut here and we're thinking and getting guidance saying it's probably not going to happen until later on this afternoon or the early evening hours here so a little after 1:00 p.m . eastern your time there. so that's the expectation now. perhaps later tonight or perhaps early in the morning tomorrow but it sounds like perhaps later tonight is where the kensington palace is guiding us for now. that's going to be the big moment. we're still keeping our eye trained on that door. that's the moment everyone is waiting for when prince william and catherine emerge from the doors with their new royal prince and present him to the world. it's quite possible that they will both probably speak at that time as well. a lot of excitement for that moment and again it continues to be a waiting game which i'm getting used to around here. lots of celebrations around london. you showed us the 62 gun salute there at the tower of london and a lot of that going on. last night, the fountain was lit up in blue. the london eye was also lit up blue. so everybody celebrating the birth of a new little baby boy , guys.

>> we saw a biker go by. things have been going on behind you. tell us about last night when the town crier started off.

>> the town crier.

>> what were you thinking this guy was doing.

>> you were on the air.

>> she was on the air.

>> here's the thing, i was in the middle of a special report and the town crier just pulls up and brian williams is like who is that guy? turns out he is a town crier, at least a self-proclaimed town crier and he came to deliver the royal proclamation , the birth, the announcement of the baby. so it was an interesting moment on live television . now, apparently, also his name the is tony appleby and he runs a home for elderly here as well. seems like a nice guy but he crashed the party and was surprised by the media attention he got. his facial expressions.

>> yeah, they were --

>> the street is not closed off behind you because there's bikers going by.

>> it was yesterday too. wide open to the public.

>> oh, yeah. we've seen giant pigs come by.

>> what does that even mean.

>> i'm not kidding you. big stuffed pig.

>> real pig.

>> like a big pink pig. i should have taken a picture -- it was a big stuffed animal big that was handing out -- where's the candy? they were handing out candy. everything from ice cream to coconut water . i have to tell you, i've got the pig candy -- what is this pig candy. percy's pig pen .

>> is that english candy? i've never seen it before.

>> i think it is. i'm going to have to try it.

>> get in there.

>> the anticipation of seeing kate and william is tremendous and the pressure for her, she just had a baby and she has to go out in public. that takes a lot.

>> not a lot of human beings have to do that.

>> it's good.

>> is it good.

>> what does it taste like?

>> this is really good by the way.

>> is there a hint of pork?

>> does it taste like pork?

>> it looks chewy.

>> no, it tastes like a strawberry twizzler.

>> why don't you offer one to that bobby behind you?

>> go on ask him.

>> no thank you.

>> he doesn't want it.

>> it's become really entertaining being here every day.

>> not amused.

>> i think he's supposed to say no.

>> natalie is led off to the old vick. it's a theater.

>> it's a pub.

>> oh my goodness, natalie , excellent reporting from the candy all the way through. fantastic work.

>> break out some veggimite later.

>> please do come home. it's starting to be time.

>> that's not good.

>> do you like it?

>> no.

>> the next question is what's the name. we still don't know the name. we had predictions. you and i said boy first of all.

>> yes we did.

>> you were right. i was wrong.

>> but most people thought it was a girl.

>> not like he was going to have a puppy.

>> what was your name yesterday.

>> i think edward or george .

>> edward .

>> edward or george .

>> what was yours?

>> i'm thinking something a bit more elaborate. alexander or something grand.

>> you liked alexandra for a girl.

>> yes i did.

>> there was a royal named corky.

>> corky? that's an odd name.

>> it was the 6th century .

>> and you remember that?

>> it seems unlikely. the odds by the way are with george . that's the favorite 2-1. then james alexander , richard, louis and henry .

>> henry . i like a henry .

>> this is a little bittersweet, though, it has to be for william .

>> when his mom passed.

>> we talk about the moment when catherine and william will come down the steps, that's the exact same place diana came with prince charles holding baby william 31 years ago and you think and know how important grandparents are to the whole experience.

>> and he was so close to his mom.

>> idolized her.

>> there it was 31 years ago. think about her age. married at 20. 20 when she had the baby. engaged at 19 and only 36 when she died in 1997 . this happened so young and fast for diana.

>> how old is kate right now?

>> 31.

>> she is 31. a little bit older.

>> it's interesting too. you look at prince charles and how in the 30 years he aged. he looks so young there and in 30 years.

>> life has been tough for him. is that what you're saying?

>> you know, that's right.

>> a roller coaster ride.

>> one thing we do have to say, there was a ton of online reaction, tweets from around the world but there was one we really must point out. if we could just call that up.

>> look at that.

>> the lion king .

>> that's pretty good.

>> i wonder if they're going to be as public with their baby.

>> that's an interesting question.

>> because everybody in britain wants to be hands on and see them out and about. they do have a down to earth kind of persona. they are kind of in some ways.

>> in our next segment we'll talk about that a little bit.

>> can you imagine when they come to this country with the baby what that's going to be like?

>> crazy.

>> we're more excited than the brits.