TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Duchess Kate’s hometown celebrates royal birth

Residents in the 1,000-year-old English village of Bucklebury were thrilled at the news that their former Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, had given birth. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> al, the question you were asking me last night as we were texting each other, how are they celebrating the royal baby's arrival in the duchess's hometown. michelle kosinski is there with the answer. she is in bucklebury . michelle, good morning.

>> good morning. there's a real buzz here right now. maybe quite literally since you can practically hear the champagne corks popping throughout england last night. but bucklebury is where kate grew up and spent the last few weeks of her pregnancy. people here love the royal couple. they often come by and chat and when people ask for a photo they are known to oblige. and now could they be coming here to enjoy the privacy of the middleton family home.

>> reporter: kate 's hometown country pub, village hall as it's been for centuries, young and old, man and woman, the unbridled joy in a royal birth.

>> i think it's very exciting.

>> the new royal baby.

>> all for their local girl, kate .

>> she'll always be a bucklebury girl.

>> yeah, definitely. always been a bucklebury girl.

>> bucklebury , the thousand year old picture perfect english village where the little prince will quite possibly spend his first taste of life. and in the church up in a 600-year-old tower, the bell ringers have been practicing. they will ring in the birth for 45 minutes and when kate and baby visit bucklebury they'll ring what is called a full peel.

>> which is 5,040 changes and that will take just a fraction under three hours.

>> they must memorize every mind boggling combination and it must be perfect where it's not recorded in the church records. not so easy.

>> okay. pull.

>>> oh i see. i see. if you don't let go, you get your hand seriously burned don't you.

>> yes.

>> par for history where the names of those before them are etched into the window. 1771 .

>> reporter: kate and child will be able to hear these carried on the wind from their home in town. there are now restrictions on cars outside the middleton family home. there's a security plan in place here. lots of police around but the village council says that's based on speculation that they don't know at this point if and when kate and baby cambridge will come