TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Security analyst: Crowds around pope in Rio ‘frightening’

William Bratton, NBC News national security analyst, talks about the “absolute mess” in Brazil as crowds mobbed Pope Francis’ car, which he says was “not equipped as a security vehicle.”

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>>>, a scare, we told you about the alarming situation that greeted pope francis upon his arrival in brazil on monday. at one point, the pope's driver took a wrong turn. that placed the pontiff in an unprotected zone and forced three dozen security officials to scramble very quickly as crowds mobbed the motorcade. for his part the pope remained calm and rolled down the windows and blessed the faithful. just this morning francis tweeted thank you to all of you and to all of the authorities for a magnificent welcome in rio. but this was a really unusual situation. when you look at the aerial view and you see where that motorcade ended up, it was not something that was good. let's bring in the police commissioner in new york and los angeles and he is now a national security analyst. bill, this is not the scene you want to see if you're a security official in brazil.

>> no, it's actually a security nightmare. they are going to have 22,000 security personnel available for the pope's visit. well, yesterday they were missing in action . i've never seen anything quite like it. thank god it ended the way it did but that scene was very frightening.

>> he obviously took it in stride but aside from the obvious fear that there would be somebody who means the pope harm in the crowd, even well meaning well wishers mobbing the car can quickly get out of control, can't they bill?

>> exactly. in terms of the crushing situation, if they were in an area where the crowds are larger pushing against the car. you can see his plain clothed security officers are trying to keep up with the car. it was stopping, starting, going. and the fact that he was in a vehicle compounded the situation. i would be willing to admit that was clearly not a vehicle equipped for security . no running boards for the security to pop up on. you see them running along the street. they're not providing security . they're running. it was an absolute mess down there. a lot of yelling and screaming.

>> in portuguese.